the serendipity collection: a bluboho exclusive

Serendipity can be defined as; "luck that takes form when we find something valuable or pleasant that isn't otherwise looked for". The Serendipity Collection was designed to give you the same reaction you have when discovering something unexpectedly.

about our exclusive serendipity collection 

We love the feeling when we meet a new guest for the first time, when a special moment is shared or when we come across beautiful jewels and designs. The Serendipity Collection is locally handcrafted in yellow and rose gold and have a beautiful organic and unique look to them! Each piece is one of a kind and for you to discover the one that is meant just for you - serendipity!

serendipity choker

  • Chokers have made a come back and this 9K yellow and rose gold choker is a must have!
  • Style it with your favourite summer dress, over you're favourite turtle neck and cozy sweater (I'm sorry, I know it's summer but it does look perfect styled in the chiller weather too!)
  • Wear this choker with the 2 serendipity ends showing or flip it back, we love how versatile this piece is! 
  • Layer this beauty with the flirty necklace and lava drop lariat to create a whole jaw dropping look!

    serendipity ring

    serendipity crawler

    The best things in life really are unexpected, so go on dreamer and let the good times roll!

    Which serendipity piece is on your wishlist? XO