4 engagement ring styles you need to know going into 2019

unique and beautiful, love stories are woven with ups and downs, twists and turns that make them rich and raw. Some love stories are destined for marriage, a long and happy life with your forever person and the first step towards that is the proposal. Nerve-racking yet so rewarding, it all starts with a question and ends with your forever ring. Just like your future bride, the perfect this piece will capture your heart. 

The engagement ring landscape is changing as many people are choosing to go with less traditional styles. From diamonds to solid gold bands, the options are plentiful. Whether the perfect piece is a little more unconventional or truly timeless, we are here to help guide you through the selection process.

1. Sapphires

multiple colours of sapphire engagement rings

 A little known fact about sapphires, they are the second hardest stone. Just below diamond on the Mohs scale of hardness, these stones will last many lifetimes. sapphires come in any colour of the rainbow, yet no two will ever be identical. our current colour crushes for sapphires are on periwinkle, peach and white. Vivid in colour, sapphires also hold a special quality to sparkle and shift in different environments, picking up on their surroundings and beaming in any light. 

pink sapphire, lavender sapphire, white sapphire

pictured above (left to right): 14k habibi one of a kind peach sapphire, 14k forget-me-not one of a kind lavender sapphire, 14k Freyja white sapphire ring

2. rose cut diamonds 

rose cut, round diamond

An ancient method for cutting diamonds, rose cuts are classic diamonds that lay flush to the finger. A 10 on the hardness scale, they are a tried and true diamond with triangular facets and a dome shape. The crisp planes mixed with the smoky quality of the cut give these stones a mesmerizing combination of warm glow and sophistication.


capella rose cut, grey diamond rose cut, a deux rose cut

  pictured above (left to right): 14k capella rose cut, 14k one of a kind Rosalind rose cut grey diamond, 14k à deux rose cut

3. grey diamonds

grey diamond engagement ringa new love affair with grey diamonds is taking over the engagement ring scene. These rustic stones come in many colour ways from salt and pepper to champaign. like a snowflake or a fingerprint, no two are the same. their composition is the same as that of a white diamond, the hardest stones on the earth with fire that shines like no other. it is their complex nuances that you get lost in, as if imbedded in each stone is its own little universe of curiosities and dreams.


grey, champaign, rustic diamonds

  pictured above (left to right): 14k one of a kind Lyra grey diamond, 14k one of a kind Imogen grey diamond, 14k moonstruck grey diamond 

4. bountiful bands 

wedding bands as engagement ringsthere is no such thing as too many bands! marriage was originally marked with a chaste band and many are looking for that kind of simple luxury once again. A nod to the past with a modern twist, stacking bands is a simple way to personalize this quintessential concept. 

one of our designer's, polly Wales, is known for her stylized take on bands. She casts stones instead of setting them and uses a brilliant array of colours. By doing so she doesn't have full control over the final product, allowing for the stones to situate themselves throughout the 18 karat gold pieces. This brings a buried treasure rarity to each and every one of her pieces. 


crystal, grey diamond, white diamond, mixed diamond band

pictured above (left to right): 14k endalaus ii yellow goldPolly Wales crystal ring, Polly Wales river ring, 14k diamond journey ring