say yes to these 5 stunning non-traditional engagement rings

Last week we wrote about the unexpected wedding stack. This week we're taking it one step further with non-traditional stones that will make your stack even more personal. Every stone has a meaning behind it - which one tells your love story?

1. black diamond

  • This beauty is the perfect unexpected spin on a tradition engagement ring for that feminine, bohemian and confident bride
  • The number 6 (as shown with 6 sides on a hexagon) represents unconditional love, balance and harmony, while the colour black represents passion, power and strength 
  • Already married to your lover? No problem! This ring is perfect for a milestone such as 6 years of marriage 

2. aquamarine

  • Just like you get lost in the blue ocean and sky, you'll get lost in this magical and mystical round aquamarine  
  • Aquamarine is calming and soothing stone that brings happiness. It also helps with compromise and negotiation, so you and your lover can live together in perfect harmony 
  • This ring is the perfect "something blue" for your wedding day (and every day after)

3. natural white sapphire

  • Oval shaped diamonds are a favourite of many brides right now, but who wants to be a follower when you can be a leader?
  • Stand out amongst the rest and go for a gorgeous white sapphire, which represents a new start in life. It will bring prosperity and happiness to your new journey as a pair 
  • Make that beautiful centre stone stand out by stacking it with different bands

4. grey diamond

  • Grey diamonds are extremely rare, just like finding your perfect match, making this ring the ultimate symbol of destiny
  • The grey symbolizes security and helps improve stability in your relationship 
  • So go on and let your love shine bright like a grey diamond! 

5. diamond slice

  • We saved our favourite for last! We love every diamond slice we see, as each is unique and one of a kind
  • Relationships are perfectly imperfect and this engagement ring is a beautiful representation, with the untouched raw diamond slice in the centre surrounded by sparkling white diamonds
  • These stunning pieces can even be an anniversary gift to mark a special milestone in your life together
  • note: diamond slices are perfect but delicate - so beautiful that it should only come out during a special occasion

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    Which piece would you say yes to?