earring party: bluboho style

Sometimes with earrings we get used to wearing the same stud and never get around to taking them out for months OR we totally forget to even put in earrings (we are all guilty of doing that). We don't want your ears to feel left out! that's why we are all about the #earringparty! Here are some of our favourite mix and match studs for you to try the next time you're in the store!

1. majorette:

A new fun twist on the classic pearl! this earring is a 14k yellow gold stud with two different size pearls. If you want to step away from the classic white pearls this earring also come in a white and grey duo, perfect for the neutral gal in all of us.

2. gold threader:

The perfect piece to dress up and dress down! Do you have more than one piercing? If so thread this 14k gold earring through your other hole to create an edgier look!

3. ear crawler:

An all time favourite of our bluboho beauties! this 14k rose gold crawler has stunning opals and aquamarines that have been set in a textured silver setting. This piece comes in 14k yellow gold and sterling silver. If you are a fan of more vibrant colours you are in luck because this crawler also comes in turquoise and blue topaz stones as well.

4. circle stud:

This 14k rose gold piece is delicate but has something extra special to it. Each circle has a white diamond set in it to add some sparkle (who doesn't love diamonds, I know we do!)

5. quartz crystal stud:

A limited edition piece that is truly breathtaking, a unique quartz crystal wrapped in 14k yellow gold. Quartz crystal is known for its strong healing properties.

6. crescent moon:

If you are looking for a show stopper this piece is definitely it. A 14k yellow gold crescent moon filled with diamonds (we know, a-m-a-z-i-n-g).

7. ear cuff:

If you don't have a cartilage piercing but you want the effect of one this piece is perfect! This ear cuff hooks onto your ear and ta-da! This piece is sterling silver but it's also available in brass.

8. evil eye:

This white gold piece is the perfect delicate piece with a touch of colour. The evil eye is said to protect the wearer against negativity, keeping the circle loving and positive. We love this 14k gold and enamel eye because it is the perfect everyday stud, which is also available in yellow and rose gold.

9. bar stud:

This white gold bar stud is the perfect piece to mix and match with. It is so simple to wear on its own but if you are feeling adventurous you can mix it with other studs! You can also find this piece in yellow and rose gold. Don't be scared to try something new, swing by our stores in Oakville and Toronto or shop online to start your own #earringparty! Once you have your ear full of fun jewels instagram a picture and don't forget to tag us and hashtag earring party! If you don't follow us then what are you waiting for? Follow us @bluboho (we won't disappoint you) xo