bluboho wedding

Weddings are full of special moments and memories that hold a special place in your heart. We love jewelry because of the impact it has on people and how these pieces mark special occasions (like weddings)! here are some pieces to add some sparkle to your magical day!

something blue: rings

A unique twist on your typical engagement ring! The piece on the left is a lovely kyanite stone wrapped in 14k yellow gold with a silver band. This piece is perfect for stacking with other rings (like a diamond wedding band, *jaw drop*). The piece on the right is clear quartz with a turquoise stone on each side. the ring is wrapped in 14k yellow gold with a silver band, this is the kind of piece that will get people talking!  

something blue: hand chain

Something blue on your wedding day stands for purity, love and fidelity. We love hand chains because they are so unique! This piece is the perfect way to add your something blue to your special day in such a dainty and distinct way. This piece is available exclusively in our Oakville location in sterling silver and gold vermeil. (if you would like to see this piece at the Toronto location just give us a call and we can get it sent to Toronto for you!)  

dangle earrings:

We love a good dangle earring and this is the perfect way to add some shine on your wedding day. These dangle earrings come in a variety of stones and pearls that dangle at the bottom. They are available in both gold vermeil and sterling silver.  

stud earrings:

These pearl majorettes are the perfect mix of the classic pearl with a different spin on it. Pair them with our stone earrings to add some colour to your ears (the blue stones are perfect for "something blue").  

twisted sister bridesmaid gifts:

dainty rings make the perfect gift for you and your lovely bridesmaids. It's the perfect piece to mark this special day, it's something you and your girls will look at and remember. We hope to see you in stores so we can chat about your special day, if not you can always visit our website! If you have any wedding photos we would love to see them, tag us on Instagram @bluboho