we are hiring: here's a day in the life

Hello beauties! Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a bluboho gal? Here's a little inside look for you just in time for hiring season! both stores are looking for beauties who love jewels, people, their community and growing a small business!

7:45am: Rise and shine beauties! warning: when you work with beautiful jewels, your first thought will be "what jewelry do I want to wear today?" Then you'll plan your outfit around that :)

9:45am: Time to get the store ready for open! you can never predict what kind of day it will be, but that’s what is so exciting! You prepare yourself for another day of magic. You always want to make sure you fill the store with your positive energy. *don’t forget to make the store look beautiful! Before you open the door: light our favourite candle and start the bluboho playlist*

10:00am: Time to open the doors, and get ready to meet all our beautiful guests.

12:00pm: The store is in need of the weekly fresh flowers. Off you go to Fiori to support our stores in the community. They put together some lovely fresh flowers for us (nothing like pretty flowers to make us happy) and as much as we want to stay and chat we get back to the store to put out our new flowers.

12:30pm: The day is just getting started and we’ve already been with such amazing guests (who we consider our family and friends). What’s so great about coming to work is the bluboho experience. We are here to chat, share stories and find new friends. And of course, we are here to have fun and to play with beautiful jewels. Encourage guests to try on any piece that catches their eye.

1:00pm: When we get a quiet moment we want to make sure we are always doing something to get our creative juices flowing. Re-merchandising is a great way for us to get creative and since we all have a different eye you can put your personal stamp on the display.

1:30pm: We check our social media to make sure we are showing up on our guests news feed to give them a daily dose of jewels! If you don’t follow us you are missing out, give us a follow at @bluboho

2:00pm: We keep checking our online store and our emails throughout the day. We want to get our guests' lovely purchases to them as soon as possible.

3:30pm: Window time! We want our guests to walk by our store and be wow'ed by our display. We do our own windows here at bluboho and we love to get creative each month. ps. maybe it's time for a latte break?

4:30pm: At bluboho we want our guests to feel good from the moment they get into the store up until they leave. When they find the right piece for themselves or someone else, we are all about the little details to make it look perfect. Our guests can come to the cash desk to pick out a quote card that speaks to them and we will package everything up (we are all about the pretty things in life, like our bluboho ribbon and tissue paper)

6:00pm: Time for us to turn off our music, lights and blow out our lovely candle. We don’t want to have to do this but we have to close the store (we will be open again tomorrow at 10am though so don’t worry!)

6:30pm: The store is now closed and it is looking perfect for tomorrow morning for open. Goodbye store, we will miss you. 'til we are in next...

if you are interested in the toronto position:

email adrienne at adrienne@bluboho.com

if you are interested in the oakville position:

email fiona at fiona@bluboho.com hope to hear from you, xo!