five things we love about Scosha

Happy Monday! We know that you're sad that the weekend is over but we have something to get you through the week! One of our favourite designers, Scosha, will be in both stores creating custom bracelets. The perfect way to get a head start on your holiday shopping. 

To express how much we love her, we've listed our top 5 favourite things about Scosha.

1. her pieces are special:

Each of her pieces are handcrafted to a beautiful perfection and no tiny details are missed.  Everything is crafted in her studio in Brooklyn, New York, by artisans from around the globe. 

2. wearing the world:

Scosha loves to travel the world and  is inspired by the beauty seen in the many cultures she has experienced around the world. Each piece of hers makes you feel like you're wearing the world because they're all fusions of her global travels. All of her pieces are made with the intention that you never need to take them off! Scosha uses wax on nylon blend for most of her pieces, making it functional and able to resist water!

3. her mix in materials:

Scosha doesn't just work with wax nylon, she plays with metals such as sterling silver and gold, leather and precious stones.

One of our favourite pieces are her macacrame bracelets, accented by a diamond nestled in either 10k gold or sterling silver. This is the perfect combination of effortless beauty with a touch of sparkle. 

4. the love for her family:

Scosha loves her family! She started off with making women's jewelry and now she makes mens and Little Scosha (inspired by her own kids)! You and your family could all have matching Scosha (awwww)!

Just when you think Scosha couldn't get any cooler her kids names are, Pharaoh and Summit, I know, enough said.

5. the way she is: 

Scosha's makes everyday fun and full of laughs!

We love Scosha and know you do too (or will fall in love with her pieces once you see them), so come and join us!

293 Lakeshore Rd E., Oakville
Fri. Nov. 6th
6pm - 9pm
2616 Yonge St., Toronto
Sat. Nov 7th

For more information on our event check out our recent blog here or contact us at

We can't wait to see you! Xo 

P.s... Bring friends and family, to us, the more the merrier!