78 life moments to capture with a classic bluboho stacking ring

for all that you do and all that you are, you deserve to celebrate your quiet journeys and wild rides. wear your story by marking life’s precious moments with pieces that’ll last a lifetime.

here are 78 life moments to capture with a classic bluboho stacking ring, made from solid precious metal:

  1. celebrated your birthday
  2. made it through your kid's birthday party
  3. celebrated the 5 year anniversary of a friendship/relationship/good habit
  4. celebrated the 10 year anniversary of a friendship/relationship/good habit
  5. toasted to new relationships
  6. ... or maybe ending some old ones
  7. finished that book that sat on the nightstand forever
  8. got more than 6 hours of sleep
  9. got carded at the liquor store
  10. your new barista spelled your name wrong
  11. your new favourite barista spelled your name right
  12. had an amazing first day at a new job
  13. had a terrible first day at a new job
  14. that presentation you’ve been working on? nailed it
  15. went for a run for the first time in a month... or three months
  16. went to your first spin class
  17. went to your hundred-and-first spin class
  18. went to yoga and (semi) successfully managed crow pose
  19. went to the movies by yourself
  20. went for dinner by yourself
  21. had an adventure about town with your bestie
  22. booked your first vacation in years
  23. booked your first solo trip
  24. just got back from your first solo trip (and it was absolutely transformative)
  25. went skydiving
  26. went bungee jumping
  27. climbed a physical mountain
  28. climbed a metaphorical mountain
  29. reunited with a childhood friend
  30. got a promotion
  31. got laid off
  32. decided you've outgrown your job and made the brave but necessary decision to leave
  33. decided to go back to school
  34. graduated from university/college/makeup school/cooking school/whatever school you decided you needed to be in (congratulations)
  35. took up a musical instrument
  36. ... or painting
  37. ... or any new hobby
  38. sang in front of strangers
  39. saw your favourite band in concert for the first time
  40. your favourite song from childhood came up on shuffle
  41. ... and you remembered all the words
  42. summoned up the courage to talk to the cute guy at work
  43. got blown off by the cute guy at work
  44. saw a puppy
  45. got a puppy
  46. ate balanced meals three days in a row
  47. meal-prepped for the week (sorry UberEats/Foodora/DoorDash)
  48. finally downloaded that learn-a-new-language app
  49. ... and you used it more than once
  50. successfully learned french/spanish/italian/another language
  51. travelled to france/spain/italy/anywhere and spoke the language with the locals
  52. travelled to iceland
  53. tavelled to california
  54. helped someone carry their groceries
  55. bought someone else a coffee
  56. successfully snuck snacks into the movies
  57. was smiled at by a stranger
  58. smiled at a stranger
  59. made a budget this month and stuck to it
  60. moved across town
  61. moved to another city
  62. moved to another country
  63. stayed hydrated
  64. did your laundry before it started spilling out of your hamper
  65. found that top you thought you lost
  66. made time for yourself
  67. finally unpacked from vacation
  68. successfully got to the end of a commercial with a sarah mclachlan song in it, without crying
  69. successfully navigated running into an ex
  70. it’s a saturday
  71. it’s a sunday
  72. it’s a monday
  73. it’s a tuesday
  74. it’s a wednesday
  75. it’s a thursday
  76. it’s a friday
  77. your birthday was this year
  78. because you deserve it

what story does your jewelry tell?