#bluboho event : good charma

Calling all Good Charma lovers (and soon to be lovers)!!!

Yes, it's true, the designer of Good Charma, Pam Fink, will be in both stores this week to celebrate the holidays! If you aren't familiar with her line and our bbtg line prepare to fall in love!

about Good Charma: 

-Pam loves the feeling of giving gifts because of the impact it has on her and how it makes the  receiver feel. She deeply believes in that special feeling we get when sharing our energy through the power of 'paying it forward'.

-Her original sets of 6 and 3 all have inspirational themes, such as the love set.

-The bracelets are meant to be passed onto someone who impacts your life or is in need of a pick-me-up. It can be taken off your wrist and onto someone else that you are close to or even a stranger you've made an amazing connection with. The act of sharing your energy with someone else is about spreading good karma, love, confidence and peace. 

-The bracelet that is passed on is full of your good energy! This inspires others to pass on good energy in return -and is empowering and creates a movement. 

-The reason behind each strand having one charm is so that it can be shared (without losing your whole collection!) To continue to build your stack, replenish the bracelets you've gifted at one of our stores! 

-In the words of Pam Fink "What you give, you get back, twofold. I think we are all in search of that magic!"

the jewelry:

-The love of collecting jewelry and charms came from Pam's Dad. He was superstitious and always wearing charms and trinkets that he had collected from different countries.

-Good Charma is made in Bali.


-bbtg stands for bluboho to go! You select the bracelet strand and charm to create your own personal Good Charma stack! 

-Shop Good Charma bracelets and necklaces at bluboho in stores and online!

-In bracelets we carry a variety of sterling silver strands, silver charms, semi-precious stone strands and we are launching the gold vermeil strands and charms today in-stores! 

-In necklaces we carry a variety of sterling silver strands and charms.

-Why do we love bbtg? It marks moments, experiences and epiphanies in peoples lives, whether its your own or someone else's. 

-These Good Charma pieces are talismans, allowing the wearer to look at their collection and remember what made each piece so special and meaningful to them. 

the event: 

Mark down the event close to you this week - we invite you to come and 'create your own karma'!

-Creating your own set of 3 or 6 bracelets and charms!

-Any bbtg bracelet you can add up to 5 charms!

-The gold vermeil bracelets and charms will be available! 

-Nibbles and treats, yes you heard that right! 

293 Lakeshore Rd E., Oakville
Fri. Dec. 11th
6pm - 8pm
2616 Yonge St., Toronto
Sat. Dec. 12th
2pm - 5pm
If you have any questions about the upcoming events, please contact guestexperience@bluboho.com

This is one event you don't want to miss and we can't wait to see you! Come enjoy the night out and bring your family and friends for some good karma with Pam of Good Charma!

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P.S... check out our interview with Pam here!