the bluboho guide: symbols

As you may already know, here at bluboho we love jewelry because of the story it tells and the special place a piece can hold in peoples hearts. Every piece has a meaning and we are sharing with you beauties some of the meanings behind our pieces!


  • Known to bring strength and luck
  • Ancient symbol of innovation and wisdom
  • Provides the power to overcome obstacles
  • Elephant's have a strong female bond due to living in a matriarchal society
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  • Provides truth and compassion at times when it's most needed
  • Represents a harmonious way of life 
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evil eye:

  • Used to bring balance, protection and ward off bad karma (who doesn't need that?)
  • Promote good vibes and protection
  • No negativity allowed!
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  • Symbol of the Ganesh 
  • The elephant's trunk has strength but can be so fine at the same time 
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interlocked circles:

  • The two intertlocked circles represent an unbreakable bond shared between two people
  • Being with someone you love
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Which symbol is your favourite? Tag us on Instagram and Facebook with your favourite symbolic piece! 

See you next Monday.