a bluboho valentine

Love is floating in the air, which means that cupid is ready to strike! We have the perfect gift for every Valentine on your list...

darling, you are always loved:

  • There is nothing better then knowing you are truly loved! This 14k yellow gold necklace angles up your chest gracefully reminding you that the love you have is precious
  • This is the perfect piece to layer with the flirty necklace, that will sit above to give it some sparkle and the lava drop lariat, that will sit below it to elongate the look!

i am truly yours:

  • These 14k yellow gold letter earrings are the perfect gift for any Valentine!
  • Gift your Valentine your initial so they know you are always with them
  • We love the letter stud paired beside the gold tusk of Ganesh ear jacket that will give your loved one some extra strength!

stacking it full of love:


best friend, i love you:

  • These sterling silver bracelets will remind your BFF that your friendship comes with great love!
  • Shop plenty more silver love jewelry to create looks for the rest of your BFFS!

a set of love:

  • This sterling silver love set comes with 6 beautiful strands that are meant to be passed on when you experience something special with a loved one, stranger or friend! 
  • Gift this to your love and once she meets someone who has impacted her life she will take off a strand and gift it to them! Pass on that good karma! Learn more about spreading the good karma here
  • Layer these sets with these pearl and stone bracelets to mix in different colours and texture! 

Shop these pieces online and in stores for all your Valentines! 

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