march bluboho beauty favourites part 2

We are back to share more favourite pieces from our bluboho beauties. Keep reading to hear how we style each piece and why they are so deeply loved.


  • Hi! I'm Marcia, the one writing this and all blogs to you! You can also catch me working in the Oakville store. When I’m not working on the blog, I’m focusing on my third year at Ryerson University where I study Fashion Communication.
  • "The meteor ring is a current piece that I am dying over. Whenever I get to work I take a look at what the other girls are wearing to get inspiration and if they've scored any new pieces. Cheryl (co-owner of bluboho) has this meteor ring stacked with our bluboho stackers and every time I see it I swoon."
  • Pair it with the mini beak ring, loved ring, peak's and valley's ring, our bluboho stackers and cuff ring to complete the look! 


  • Aka Jojo is a woman of many talents. When she isn’t working in either store she is busy studying Fashion Communication at Ryerson University as well!
  • "Misa's mini beak ring is definitely one of my all time faves, been on my wish list for months! Whether it is with or without the dazzling diamonds I am in awe. This piece goes with everything, perfect for a busy lifestyle looking for something simple and that night out when you are wanting to frame a larger sparkling statement ring."
  • The mini beak is a must to every stack! Stack it with the diamond gold solitaire ringsunrise ring, and slim gold arrow ring!

  •  Jojo can't pick just one favourite (we don't blame her) so here is another favourite of hers:
  • "Another favourite of mine is the hearts all around bracelet. It was given to me by my mum 4 years ago, and has been worn everyday since. Slowly but surely I have been able to add to my stack, but still continue to love that particular piece. Such a great simple piece, delicate enough for everyone."
  •  Jojo wears it with her other silver and stone Good Charma pieces to give her wrist some serious stacking game!


  • Whit is our beauty in our Oakville store, you will see her working away and smiling with her WHITty charm!
  • "The water lily necklace symbolizes purity and new beginnings because they grow through dirty water to blossom beautifully unscathed! I am currently doing my yoga teacher training and this piece serves as a reminder to get messy during my journey in order to bloom into my full potential! It is made out of my favourite stones - moonstone that cultivates hope and new beginnings, labradorite that encourages intuition and perseverance, and a grey diamond for fearlessness! I used to live in Hawaii so I'm naturally drawn to all of Misa's pieces because of their organic shape and ties to natural aspects of island living (coral, plants, lava, the ocean and sun)."
  • "I would layer the water lily necklace with the lava drop lariat!", it elongates the look and truly completes it! 

Check in next Monday to see the rest of our beauties fave pieces!