the pieces our bluboho beauties can't live without

For the last few weeks, we've been soaking up the holiday magic in the stores. We meet so many wonderful people at bluboho and often get asked which jewels are our personal favourites. We went out to each store to ask what all our beauties are wearing.

Cheryl Labbett... you can find me at all of our stores!

  • My must have piece: I am in love with chokers right now! 
  • This is my all time favourite because: I literally have worn it almost every day since we added it to our collection.  I am never without my favorite gold lariat and the choker is the perfect layering piece!
  • If I had to sum my style up in 3 words it would be: joyful, feminine, timeless.

Marcia Lopes... spotted at the Oakville shop (I'm also the one writing all the blogs)!

  • The piece I cannot live without is: the sweet nothings ring! I'm seriously addicted and to prove it I couldn't have just one, so ended up stacking 3 on my pinky finger.
  • Why you cant live without this piece: it's classic for everyone, every age, and every occasion. Plus, I'm a diamond lover (it must be because I'm a April baby), and this beauty really twinkles and shines. 
  • If I had to sum my style up in 3 words it would be: classic, detailed and balanced.

    Shannon McCabe... I can be found at the Yonge St shop!

    • The piece I cannot live without is: the Luna Jacket!! The Luna Jacket fits onto a stud and sits directly below the ear lobe. As the Luna is secured with a backing I never take it out - but the few times I do, I feel like my ear is naked and rush to put it on again. While I mix and match all my earrings, the Luna is my staple piece that I absolutely adore.
    • Why you cant live without this piece: There are two prominent reasons why I fell in love with the Luna Jacket. First, it’s versatile. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a day spent relaxing, the luna is perfect. I dress it up by switching into a diamond stud (like the diamond tripod), or tone it down by pairing it with the teeny gold stud. Not to mention it comes in silver, yellow and rose gold - so it’s perfect for every occasion! It’s also nice to know that this trendy earring is secured to the ear with the backing and stud, so I go about my daily routines with out worrying about whether it’s going to fall out. The other reason I can’t live with out the Luna is how amazing I feel wearing it. I always get compliments on it’s unique aesthetic and am reassured that my earring game is strong!
    • If I had to sum my style up in 3 words it would be: casual, chic and put-together.

    Carly Braden... I can be found at the Queen St shop!

    • My must have piece: is the rose gold essence ring
    • This is my all time favourite because: I love the way the warmth of the rose gold plays in contrast with the cool blues of the the aquamarine and tanzanite, along with the flashes of greeny blues in the opal! the slim line and low profile make it my go-to for adding colour and texture to my regular stack - next up i'll be needing the diamond aura to snuggle up next to it!
    • If I had to sum my style up in 3 words it would be: denim, diamonds and gold! sure to follow us on instagram, we've got a whole week of bluboho beauties sharing their favourites in our instagram stories.