8 home decor pieces you need to turn your house into a home

We love transforming a space to make it personal and reflect who we are. We've got 8 easy ways for you to do that in all of your spaces.

1. Flowers and Succulents 

Every space needs the beauty of flowers and succulents. They brighten your day while filtering the air and adding pops of colour.

We love getting ours at Fiori.

2. Decorative Knobs 

Add personal touches wherever you can in your home. Swapping out the knobs on your dressers for decorative ones is the perfect way to do that (bonus: this will make people think your ikea furniture is custom).

We love these Crowned Quartz ones available at Anthropologie.

3. Trinket Dishes

Everyone is in need of a dish (or two) hold their jewels, bobby pins and clips. Not only are they functional, they will add character and colour to your space too.

We love this Star Sign Trinket Dish available at Anthropologie.

4. Coffee Table Books

We can never have enough coffee table books, they are perfect to place on your tables and shelves. We love to flip through them for inspiration.

We love The Nesting Place available at Indigo.

5. Candles  

We believe that no space is complete without some candles (and by some we mean a lot of candles). Not only do they add a nice fragrance to your home but they double as decor when your candle isn't plain jane.

We love Munio Candles available at bluboho

6. Alternative to Art Work 

Be creative with the art work you put into your home and be sure it reflects your personal style. Colour outside the lines, paintings aren't the only form of art!

We love this Peg Board available at Urban Outfitters.

7. Wire Sign Words 

Oh the power of words! Pick your favourite word or saying and display it on a feature wall in your home. Trust us, everyone who walks into your home will ask about it. 

We love these Gauge NYC Wire Signs available at bluboho

8. Frames

If you are a photo lover like us you are going to want to display photos everywhere in your home. The perfect frame will enhance your images, all while making a space feel cohesive.

We love the Viteri Hanging Frames available at Urban Outfitters.

Till next Monday,