our holiday gift guide

To capture life’s intangible moments is the most sacred gift you can give. It's the ability to connect a piece to a moment in time, to tell a story of an experience, to put your truest colours on display and to wear your piece with pride. To gift a piece that someone didn’t even realize they needed is precious. Who can we help tick off your list this season? Let us guide you towards the perfect choice for your nearest, dearest and loved ones.
your one and only, the love of your life, your sweetheart, your person. whomever it is that makes your heart skip a beat. these pieces express romance, devotion and connection. from the hold me tight bracelet to the little lovely studs- there are many, many ways to tell your lady that you love her. 
our truest soul mates are our soul sisters. we laugh until we cry and cry until we need sleep. we deeply confide in them, and with them we celebrate our biggest triumphs. our sisters, our best friends, our journeys are forever intertwined, much like the two woven strands of gold that make up our twisted sister stacker and bangle. may we treasure each other always.
there isn't enough gratitude in the world to express how thankful we are to the women that raised us. thank you for being our role models, our defenders, our inspiration. you have taught us how to navigate this wild world, and we may not tell you how important you are to us as often as we should. these pieces act as an expression of our love for you.
we've already gotten you 12 other presents, but here is that extra little something. every sweet thing reminds us of you... we just can't help ourselves.
our darling daughters. how lucky we are to have you. you make the sun shine brighter and fill us with pride. we wish for you nothing less than a life abundant with love and happiness, and have chosen pieces that you can carry with you forever. 
we all have someone incredible in our lives with an adventurous spirit that has lead them down a path of discovery, to faraway lands. we want to send them a reminder of our love since we can't celebrate with them in person. for courageous hearts such as these, we have chosen some whimsical and unique pieces to express our support for their every passion.
we wish you all the happiness and good health this holiday season. make your moments with your loved ones count, and cherish every second.