valentine's day guide 2018

1. Large Diamond Hoops, beautiful classics. 2. Diamond Tripod Necklace, through it all - past, present, and future. 3. Stubbe Chocolates, indulge (mini box of 4 truffles available in all bluboho shops starting February 9th!). 4. Love You Oval Disc Bracelet, mom, you are my first love. 5. Social Print Studio, share a magical moment in time with these sweet mini prints. 6. Summit Ring, a thank you for everything she does for you.

1. Sex Dust, for lovers. 2. Endalaus II Ring, symbolizing an endless connection with love and commitment. 3. Droplet Pear Hoop, vintage meets modern. 4. Tiarella Ring, a reminder to stay wild and wear your crown high. 5. Dinner at Aloette, wine + dine. 6. Moon Sway Necklace, you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.

1. Petite Amie Signet Ring, pinky promises. 2. Boob Earrings, when women support each other incredible things happen. 3. Spin Co Class, bond together. sweat it out together. 4. Full Moon Friendship Bracelet, the ultimate BFF bracelet for you and your gals. 5. French Girl Lip Polish, pucker up. 6. Revival Earrings, shed your skin for new beginnings.

1. Choker, every gal needs this in her collection. 2. Long Chain Threader Earring, dazzle yourself. 3. Palo Santo Incense Sticks, the rich smell brings peace, clarity and good feelings to your space. 4. Body Blitz, self-care isn't selfish. 5. Save our Scruff, spread love and donate to a charity dear to your heart. 6. Black Diamond Tripod Earrings, action, passion, and energy.


happy valentine's day beauties!