Scosha pieces you'll never take off

As one of the original designers carried at bluboho, Scosha will always hold a special place in our hearts. From the moment we met her, we fell love with her sweet soul and hand-crafted pieces. 


meet Scosha:

  • Based in New York, Scosha designs through inspiration from her constant travels around the world (especially the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and South America)
  • Her first signature bracelet was inspired by a young girl in India, who had her ears pierced with a hot pink thread and tiny gold bead. This combination of textiles and precious metals is a continuous influence on her pieces
  •  You can spot her jewelry from afar by the waxed nylon, precious and semi-precious materials (such as gold, silver and diamonds). This allows you to leave her pieces on and wear them with love
  • Her pieces are personal and she still explores "cultures, colors and the bond of inform all of her pieces, giving them a sense of wonder, beauty, and timelessness."


must have pieces:

Precious braid diamond bracelet

This beauty is hand braided "to represent interconnectedness and unity", with a bezel set diamond in the centre to add some precious sparkle to your life.

Available in silver, gold and a variety of nylon colours. Shop them online and in shops

Macrame diamond bracelet

Macrame is a complex technique involving a series of knots and has been used by sailors for centuries. These bracelets are made with love and patience, to make them durable and perfect for everyday wear.

Available in silver, gold and a variety of nylon colours. Shop them online and in shops

Friendship bracelets

These braided waxed nylon pieces are adjustable to any wrist size. Pick whichever closure element speaks to you: moons, stars or buttons. Note: they make the best friendship bracelets, just put them on each other's wrists and never take them off!

Available in silver, brass and a variety of nylon colours. Shop them in shops

Easy going bracelet and choker

This stunner features coloured beads that are intertwined in between the braided waxed nylon. Wear this piece as a reminder to take it easy on life's wonderful journey.

Available in silver, gold plated and a variety of nylon/bead colours. Shop them online and in shops

Horizon necklace and bracelet 

This fine threaded waxed nylon braid with a vibrant pop in the centre will lay gracefully on your neck or wrist - and looks perfect mixed into a stack.

Available in silver, gold and a variety of nylon/bead colours. Shop them online and in shops

These are just a few of our faves, find more of Scosha's pieces online and in shops!