summer solstice: rings, rings and more rings

Summer solstice has finally arrived, and we're loving these beautiful rings...

tiny pearl ring

Said to be dewdrops that fell out of the night and into the moonlit sea, pearls signifying the beginning of a new chapter for those who wear it.


summit ring 

The summit ring is inspired by our love of the mountains. Reaching the summit is a stop on the trail, but the journey is always the destination. The summit ring is a perfect reminder of the goals we have achieved and the dreams we have.

revival ring

Born in the beauty of the cycle, the snake symbolizes personal growth as they shed their skin to grow. Its energy is grounded, powerful, and pushes us to expand our thinking. What do you need to shake off so you can expand your horizons? 

loyalty signet ring

Signets have long held the history of our names, families and past, which is why this beauty is one of our latest creations. We can't live without them now, especially as a pinky ring.

la petite amie signet ring

Another signet we can't live without, but in a petite version. Perfect to personalize with a single letter or number.

Till next Monday,