these stackers are a must for your holiday wish list

Tis' the season for all things merry and bright, and to us that means diamond stackers that bring dazzling sparkle into our lives. We've got two beauties that you will not only want to add to the very top of your wish list, but also to the top of your ring stack.

diamond mine

  • Love takes on many shapes, just like this beauty with oval and diamond shapes that gracefully dance along a gold band dotted with white diamonds
  • A piece that you can nestle under your wedding ring for interest by adding shape and dimension
  • Don't worry non-married beauties, this is still the perfect gift from your lover. You'll look down at your hands on the daily to remind yourself that your love can conquer all the different shapes of life 
  • Available in yellow and rose gold too

mini protection

  • This piece is a personal favourite amongst the bluboho gals, because let's face it, oval shapes are the sweetest "it shape" right now
  • Ovals are a minimalistic way to add texture and shape to your wedding ring stack, and white diamonds elegantly reflect light all day long (just like your love)
  • Don't fret non-married beauties, the mini protection is the perfect treat. It will protect you in the highs and lows of life and bringing in nothing but positive vibes
  • Available in yellow and rose gold too

So get your wish lists ready for the most magical time of year! These pieces are available online and in all stores.

See you beauties next Monday,


P.s... try stacking the mini protection and diamond mine together for #StackGoals, you'll thank us later