the turquoise collection: a bluboho exclusive

Turquoise is one of our favourite stones here at bluboho, not only because of its gorgeous blue and green colours but it holds great meaning (and you know us bluboho gals are all about beauty and meaning)! This collection was inspired by the desire for travel and adventure. Maggie and Cheryl discovered some of the most beautiful and unique turquoise when they traveled to Tucson.


  • Turquoise means "Turkish stone" and it came to Europe by way of Turkey. It is one of the oldest stones and has been around since the ancient Egyptians used it in jewelry
  • It is protective and strong stone but also soothing and healing, it is known as "the master healing stone"
  • It helps to promote well being by stabilizing emotions and bringing inner peace (great for exhaustion, anxiety and depression)
  • All turquoise stones in this collection are one of a kind and unique due to its natural beauty!

mama earth ring

  • The mama earth ring is made up of 10k yellow gold with 2 twinkling white diamonds on either end of the handset turquoise
  • The beautiful imperfections reminds us of a picture of Earth taken from space...oh how much we love earths natural beauty with all its perfect imperfections
  • Create the ultimate #ring game by stacking this beauty with the serendipity ring and bubble ring

eye cuff

  • We love how you can shape this cuff to hug your wrist perfectly, like some of the best hugs
  • This 10 and 14k yellow gold beauty with a hand set turquoise stone in the centre. We love how each stone varies in colour making each one unique, just like you!
  • Layer this with some more bluboho exclusive pieces like the arrow cuff and hold me tight cuff

eye ring

  • This 10k/14k yellow gold eye ring is the perfect dainty stacking ring with a pop of colour! 
  • Stack this eye beauty with our exclusive bluboho stackers and cuffs to create the perfect bluboho gal stack
  • If you're looking for some more jewels that will match, take a look below at the eye earrings (hint: these pieces make the perfect gift combo)

eye earrings

Which turquoise piece will you be adding to your stack?