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the ultimate graduation gift guide

April has officially arrived, which means graduation's are around the corner! Our official graduation gift guide is here, filled with gifts for every graduate on your list:
  1. Peak's and Valley's Ring: In the highs of life we experience some of the greatest moments, and in the lows we embrace them and learn valuable lessons. Gift this ring as a reminder to your graduate that on this new journey they can achieve anything through the peak's and valley's of life.
  2. Tiny Galaxy Ring: Opal is the stone of transformation, inspiration and creativity. This ring is a reminder to set your imagination free as this stone will help overcome any obstacles headed your way post graduation.
  3. Soirée Sapphire Ring: This beauty natural stone ring is a statement piece that you will have in your collection forever. Sapphire brings protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. It's a symbol of power, strength, kindness and wise judgment. Available in a variety of stones here. Every stone is different, so contact us if you have a certain shape or colour in mind. 
  4. Feather Crawler: Feather's represent new beginnings, the perfect symbol as you embark on a new journey. Wear your Feather Crawler as a reminder that good things are always around the corner. 
  5. Balance Hoops: Sometimes we lose balance in the waves of life, but being balanced is essential for the soul. These timeless beauties will weigh evenly on your ear acting as a reminder to keep yourself steady, balanced and fierce on your life's path.
  6. Diamond Bar Earrings: Whether your graduation means heading to a new school, off into the working world or you're unsure of where life is taking you, these bright white diamond bars are a classic staple you will wear for years to come. 
  7. Itty Bitty Lariat Necklace: Every beauty needs a necklace that they can wear day to night and this piece is captivating in its simplicity. 
  8. Myself Necklace: This single circle represents independence and a free-spirit. As you graduate, don't forget to always be strong and love being yourself! 
  9. Lotus NecklaceA lotus flower symbolizes renewal, infinite potential and new beginnings. It is a perfect reminder that this new chapter in life will help you blossom into the person you are meant to be.
  10. Diamond Hold Me Tight Bracelet: This piece evokes the thought of a tender embrace from someone you really love, as this bracelet gently hugs your wrist it is a daily reminder of this sentiment. The perfect gift for a BFF or family member to gift to their graduate.
  11. Protect Me Nylon BraceletThis bracelet features a little evil eye which is known to bring balance, protection and to ward off bad karma! As your graduate is off onto a new journey, this is the perfect piece to keep them safe of any negative vibes. 
  12. Labradorite with Tassel Charm Bracelet: Labradorite embraces intuition and guidance, while the tassel charm enhances focus and harmony. Available in a variety of stones and charms here.
  13. Citrine Stones: Citrine is known as the of "success stone". The perfect piece to gift to a graduate as they are heading towards their future! Available at Akasha's Den and Geologic
  14. Journey to the Heart Book: This book is a must for everyone, and we mean everyone. It contains 365 insightful daily meditations that will help inspire you to unlock personal creativity and discover divine purposes in life. Available at Indigo
  15. Civello Gift card: After long years of endless projects and sleepless nights studying, a pampering is well deserved. Gift a gift card to your graduate to indulge one of Civello's services. Available at Civello.
  16. Hand written card: Hand written cards will never go out of style and to be honest they sometimes touch the heart more than a gift. Be sure to write how proud you are of the graduate in your life.

We hope you pop in to see us at one of our shops, as we'd love to help you find that perfect gift for that graduate on your list.