the unexpected wedding ring stack

Your love story is yours. Impossible to replicate. That's why we created our bridal line. We wanted to create pieces that were unique, meaningful and timeless. Our pieces were born to be mixed and matched so you can create a wedding stack perfect for you, and no one else.

3 reasons why you should consider creating your own stack:

  • The days of cookie-cutter wedding sets are gone - there are so many beautiful stones, shapes and styles now - anything goes.
  • Each ring has a story and meaning behind it. Every time you look down at your rings, you'll be reminded of why you fell in love
  • They are forever-pieces you will cherish. Wear them all or mix and match different combinations each day.
Here are some of our favourite stacks right now...

the trillion diamond

  • The triangle engagement ring represents the past, present and future with your loved one. (the triangle is also the strongest shape which is very symbolic)
  • How should you stack this trillion engagement ring? With more diamonds of course! Keep it geometric or go romantic with your other pieces.


from miss to mrs

  • This stack is for the traditional but cool-girl bride. This Mrs ring comes in different colours, but this one is the perfect "something blue" for your wedding day
  • Mix in a traditional engagement band then add in some different shaped diamonds to represent that sparkle your loved one brings to your life

stackers only, please

  • Be non-traditional and create a look with just stackers
  • Mix and match different metals and diamonds to create a unique look, each one representing something different like years together, children you have, or continents you've been to together...the possibilities are endless
  • (ps this also creates an excuse for new rings each milestone...just saying!)

Come try on these beauties at our Queen St. West location and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more ring stack inspo.

p.s... keep your eyes out, bridal will be coming online soon