love notes for mama

today: what's your fondest memory with your mama?

one of my fondest memories was seeing the look on my mom’s face when I surprised her with a flight to Los Angeles, because we love to travel. we spent 5 days exploring one of my favourite cities - I was able to show her some of my favourite spots and discover new ones with her, like the Getty Museum (thanks for the recommendation, Misa!)   - xo adrienne 

my mom is the sweetest, most warm woman i know! through thick and thin she will forever be my rock!  one memory of my mom and i that comes to mind... i will never forget the christmas we spent home from work and school listening to christmas carols... while my mom combed lice out of my WAIST LENGTH hair... she truly has the patience and love of a saint (if it weren't for her i would have had to shaved my head!)  - xo shannon

my mom was the ultimate experience planner. growing up she would spend so much time researching and planning family trips, activities, and games nights. one of my favourite trips was going to New York City with my mom and aunt and having the absolutely most fun time going on adventures throughout the city
and laughing until our abs were sore!   - xo andie

i get my laugh from my mother. her capacity for compassion, forgiveness and resilience are owed to her ability to laugh in the face of adversity. she taught me that love and laughter give you strength. there’s nobody who works harder and in such high spirits than her.   - xo marlene

my mum is one of the funniest and most caring people in my life! one of my favourite memories is when we went to New York City for my birthday. we had the best time exploring the city together, trying new experiences and laughing non-stop. it was such a special time to share just the two of us together, and one that i will cherish dearly.   - xo becca

one of my favourite memories with my mama is when we were at a wedding in Lake Tahoe. it was a beautiful day in September and whilst we were on a hike it started to blizzard for a couple of hours before turning sunny again. it was so beautiful and magical.  - xo heather

a special moment that sticks out to me is when my mom took me to Paris for my 16th birthday. We had so much fun exploring the architectural and historical sights, indulging in the amazing cuisine, and treating ourselves to the Parisian fashion. She has always pushed me to pursue my dreams, and this was one example, of how she enabled me to pursue my dream to experience the culture and magic of Paris firsthand!   - xo lexa


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no matter how you are celebrating the wonderful women in your life,
the mamas and daughters of bluboho wish you and yours a very special mother's day