Avata key necklace - 14k yellow gold


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in the middle ages in Scandinavia, keys were worn by women as talismans of their own power and autonomy.

staking their claim in the world, this practice created the image of a woman who is the gatekeeper of her own domain, controlling access to both her home, her property, and her heart.

we cast this 14k yellow gold piece from an antique charm to act as a symbol of a self-reliant and independent woman, one who revels in her worth and knows that she alone will be the one to unlock her freedom.

The avata key necklace was given its name from the Finnish word for “unlock.” The inspiration for this gold necklace for women came from a tradition in Scandinavia in the Middle Ages where a woman would wear a key from her belt as a symbol of her power and propriety. The key was worn proudly by women and not as a mere accessory, but as a signifier of a woman’s ability to control her life and happiness, and more figuratively her ability to “unlock” her independence. The avata key necklace is a gold necklace for women who embrace their own self-worth and want to celebrate the wisdom that comes with knowing your own potential. This gold necklace is also made from the cast of an antique charm, meaning that we took a shape rich with history and heritage and used it to make these perfect dainty necklaces. 

As a symbol in the Scandinavian Middle Ages, the key is also associated with the goddess Freyja who wore keys as a representation of her domain. This ties the centuries-long legacy of keys being connected to themes of female leadership and the role of matriarch. As the matriarch of the family would often be the one to hold the keys, we chose this charm for this gold key necklace as a perfect gift for all the mamas in our lives who keep and watch over us even when we’re far from home. The avata key necklace makes a perfect mother’s day present or maternity gift, and also can be given to those celebrating a liberating milestone such as a graduation gift. 

Bluboho is committed to hand-crafting sustainable jewelry, so this ethical avata key necklace uses sustainably sourced gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear the recycled gold necklace. Because bluboho is one of the most community-oriented jewelry stores toronto has, we also extend our devotion to sustainability to our production practice. To do this we work with master jewelers and goldsmiths in our own community here in Toronto. We find that designing and crafting modern minimal jewelry only with individual artists that we know and love is the most effective way to instill a sense of community and care into our gold jewelry pieces. This also ensures the highest quality minimalist jewelry Canada has to offer, allowing you to treasure this special beauty for decades to come. Our skilled artists have finished this gold-cast charm necklace so that it has all the character and luminosity of its antique original, making it a truly timeless piece. Additionally, as a part of our devotion to the wellbeing of not only our human community but the whole irreplaceable world, bluboho 14k gold necklaces are always made from recycled gold that has been ethically sourced and responsibly transported. To find a rose gold necklace Canada, look no further. This allows our guests to maintain their own commitments to goodwill and ethics through their handmade small dainty necklaces. Always shop local for handmade jewelry toronto.

Our toronto jewelry is a celebration of luxury, elegance, and human connection—and this gold key necklace for women is no exception. The rose gold necklace is much more than a symbol of independence: it is for those who know that in order to best serve and uplift the ones you love, you first have to find the confidence in yourself to truly become the leader of your own heart. This gold necklace for women is made for the person who knows what is hers, but also finds no greater joy than in sharing the bounty of her life.

No two free spirits are the same—what sets each one apart is their inimitable uniqueness. To honour the variability and difference in powerful women, we offer the avata necklace in two types of recycled 14k gold, including a rose gold necklace. We recommend 14k gold avata key necklace in yellow gold for those who draw power from the classics: besides giving sparkle, shine, and glamour to any look, gold has many deeper beneficial properties. It is associated with illumination, love, compassion, passion, and wisdom. For the romantics among us, we recommend a rose gold necklace. This precious metal brings with it a promise of eternal love and comfort which can be shared with all those around you, making the rose gold necklace a classic for those invested in love. Made with love and designed with compassion, this gold chain necklace is the finest rose gold jewelry canada has to offer.