radiant light solstice charm - 10k yellow gold, opal, diamonds


in collaboration with whitney hanson poetry @whitneyhansonpoetry

**due to the handmade nature of this piece, please allow 4-6 weeks to ship**

hope | resilience | return to the light

the summer solstice is a powerful symbol of transformation. it signifies the pivotal turning points in our journey and guides us towards hope, resilience and the return to the light. the radiant light solstice charm is hand-crafted from solid recycled gold, featuring a hand-cut white opal, renowned for its play of fire and light. let the solstice be a symbol of new beginnings and radiant light. in moments when the future appears dim and hope seems to slip through your fingers, allow the symbol of the solstice to be a reminder that the light always returns.

a beautiful engraved reminder adorns the back, written by whitney hanson poetry @whitneyhansonpoetry, ‘the light always returns’ in her handwriting. let this charm symbolize new beginnings and the radiant light that guides you forward while signaling to you that the light always returns, just as the solstice promises.