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dream of you one of a kind - 14k yellow gold, cornflower blue artist cut oval montana sapphire ring


I dream of you, in sleep and upon waking. I can never decide which is the sweeter: to dream of you without waking, holding you close in the soft brilliance of my mind with nothing to disturb us, or, to wake from dreaming quickly so that I can sooner see you lying next to me and to bring you fast into my embrace.

To have you in my life is to live a dream brighter than the day and more intimate than the night. From you I’ve learned that to find your soulmate is to blur the boundaries between dreaming and living. With you my nights become my days, with your love as an eternal sunrise coming to greet me and guide me onwards.

How do you conjure a dream through a golden ring? A true love spreads beyond the boundaries of our waking moments, it spreads into our hearts and souls, colouring our every dream. The dream of you features an exquisite, artist-cut Montana sapphire which has been cut with the highest level of artistry and bursts with hues of cornflower, cloud blue and lavender. Double claw prongs hold this once-in-a-lifetime sapphire in an elegant embrace, giving this ring’s basket a unique organic shape. This oval sapphire breathes with dreams of the earth and eternal love and is set upon a classic white diamond pavé band.

Please note that this is a limited edition and one of a kind piece. There is only one of this ring; once it is sold it will no longer be available. One of a kind pieces are final sale.

If you want to know more about this ring, have inquiries about sizing, specs, or to find out which shop it is located at to see it in person, please email us at and we'll be happy to work with you!

Created with heartfelt care and thoughtful attention to detail, bluboho’s beloved collection speaks to the free-spirited and adventurous woman who wants engagement ring designs for women that are wearable, precious and deeply personal. We work with a profound commitment to storytelling: every one of our unique engagement rings has a story to tell and an inspiration based in love. We are here to connect you to an exclusive wedding ring that invokes the history of your eternal bond. The beloved collection brings together unique engagement rings with one of a kind sapphire wedding rings to offer you a line of free-spirited luxury that was designed with you in mind.


A bridal collection of handcrafted fine jewelry made of deeply meaningful gemstones—unique in their origin, quality and cut—awaits you with our collection of the finest one of a kind wedding rings Canada has to offer. All our one of a kind wedding rings for women are crafted as a wearable talisman of love, signifying the commitment made by each couple as they embark on this next step in their journey together. Designed to connect to the essence of your love and devotion ongoing, our beloved collection gemstones are individually selected, each embodying wildness and beauty, energy and significance. These ring designs for women are made for life’s everlasting journeys and breathtaking adventures. When love is the most important thing in your life, you should have unique wedding rings that reflect their sacred role.


Our intention is to grow and evolve with our bluboho woman, marking significant milestones and memories together through one of a kind diamond wedding rings. This is why all of our unique engagement rings are designed with “stacking” in mind. Ring stacks have become the ultimate way to express yourself through the artistry of jewelry. Some people chose to wear their unique wedding rings collection in the same composition everyday while some love to change their stack whenever the mood takes them.


We took inspiration from the traditional passage from engagement to marriage—wherein a wedding band is stacked upon or underneath the original engagement ring in order to mark the milestone of marriage. But we think that milestones don’t end after marriage, nor with one of a kind diamond wedding rings. In fact, most couples will come to find that once the wedding has happened, the best is yet to come. This is why bluboho has championed one of a kind rings for women that grow and develop along with you. To mark graduations, children, grandchildren, anniversaries and the like, we want you to be able to create a bouquet of gorgeous jewelry that tells your story. Begin your stack with a ring to celebrate your engagement and continue to shape this composition with rings that speak to you. As your relationship grows, so do your beloved talismans.


At bluboho we also pride ourselves as being leaders of sustainability within our industry when it comes to unique wedding rings. We know that sustainability and ethics are some of the core values held by our guests. We also know that awesome engagement rings never have to come at the cost of compromising on your world view and sense of what is right. That is why bluboho takes several measures throughout our design and production process to ensure that our jewelry is as kind to mama earth and she was when she made the precious materials used to make our unique engagement rings.


To start, bluboho always uses 100% recycled gold to make all of our one of a kind wedding rings and unique engagement rings. By using 14k rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, we can ensure that nothing is being taken from the earth that doesn’t need to be. We are able to preserve pristine wilderness and irreplaceable landscapes by harnessing the ample supply of top-quality gold that has already begun its life as stunning pieces of jewelry. Using recycled gold in no way compromises on the quality of the 14k gold: this is because gold is a metal that is designed to be melted down and re-cast into new shapes. Being recycled is all part of gold’s lifecycle and we find this to be one of the key ways that we can reduce our environmental impact while still delivering stunning and invigorating unique modern engagement rings.


Secondly, all of our gemstones are ethically sourced. We know that when you are choosing unique engagement rings —a talisman of your undying love—that conflict should play no part in the creation of your ring. That is why bluboho sources all of its diamonds from approved supply chains that use the Kimberley Process to source their stones. The Kimberley process is a trade agreement scheme with the goal of providing entirely conflict-free diamonds, meaning that you can rest assured that your one of a kind wedding rings will always be a signifier of fairness, positivity and regeneration. Additionally, we source most of our sapphires from a very special mine in on the Missouri River in Montana. By using these expertly cut “artist” sapphires, we are able to cut down on transportation and feel good knowing that these gorgeous stones are from a place close to our home and to our heart—something which is so important for unique wedding rings. Our one of a kind sapphire engagement rings are an ode to the staggering beauty of the earth and as such were sourced with kindness and love.


Our beloved consultants offer one-to-one guidance during the exciting process of finding your unique bridal rings. From deciding what colour of gold you’re going to choose, to naming your one of a kind diamond wedding rings—we are here to provide expertise while you take the lead. We want to empower you to teach us about your love story and what makes your bond unlike any other so that we can connect you with that perfect ring that says “forever.” There is no question that choosing your perfect engagement ring is a profoundly personal journey. While we always tell our clients to trust their instincts first and foremost, there are a few tips our bridal specialists have to give those trying to settle on flawless unique engagement rings.


Firstly, we think that getting up close and personal with each piece is essential, and nothing can be more inspirational than trying rings on. You never know what may jump out at you and give you that unmistakable feeling of having found “the one.” You may already have your dream ring in mind, but you never know what might happen when you try on different shapes and cuts of stones, a variety of unique ring settings, and various colours of both stones and metals. Many guests are delighted to find that there are unique settings engagement rings that they didn’t even know where out there.


For example, rose cut diamonds have been known to sweep people off their feet. “Rose cut” refers to the shape and style in which a diamond has been cut, meaning that they are authentic diamonds with an original look to them. The rose cut diamond has a flat back and domed top adorned with triangular facets which catch and reflect light. As light passes through the diamond, it refracts at different angles off these facets, giving the rose cut diamond it’s glassy shimmer. They are stunning and one of our very favourite types of diamonds to use in unique diamond settings for engagement rings.


Other cuts such as the round brilliant, oval, cushion, and emerald cut will always be timeless and classic choices for one of a kind diamond wedding rings. Throughout the history of gemstones, we have been offered so many ways to display a diamond, all of which are beautiful, but you must ask yourself: what type of precious stone is most connected to your relationship? Which tells the history of your love? In order to help you make this once in a lifetime decision, there are some questions you can ask yourself in order to get to the heart of your desire. This ring will be a talisman of your love for years to come. When picking your ring, imagine yourself at 70: can you grow old with this ring? Look at the colour of the gold and the colour of the gemstone: does this colour palate evoke an emotional response, or does it give you a sensation that reminds you of your partner? A diamond symbolises fortitude, devotion and longevity while a sapphire represents adventure, protection and new beginnings. So, think about what stone holds the values that are central to the bond held between you and your beloved.


Bluboho bridal specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable, so be sure to ask questions! Do some research before your consultation and feel free to ask questions about diamond cuts, stone settings, how we source our stones, and so much more. We also think that there’s never been a more important time to involve your partner. Many contemporary couples feel that having the unique engagement ring styles be chosen by only one person in the relationship doesn’t feel similar to the way they make other decisions within their relationship. An engagement ring is worn to signify a union, so it will be all the more meaningful if you both feel connected to the piece. If deciding on the ring on your own (which we still think is an astoundingly romantic and personal gesture) ask yourself if the ring reminds you of your partner in any particular way. But above all else, follow your heart. If you had an especially emotional reaction when you first saw the ring, that’s a good sign it’s the one for you. We hope to make unique settings engagement rings that will speak to each precious and individual person who comes through our doors.


Yellow gold is a great way to bring rich colour to your unique bridal rings. You can also bring your colourful look to the next level and opt for a coloured stone. We want you to have creative control over each precious element of these one of a kind ring designs, so we offer a variety of coloured gemstones through our design process. When paired with a soft lavender or pastel blue sapphire, yellow gold can invoke the unforgettable tones of the sea and sky at sunset, making yellow gold a perfect choice for destination engagements and seaside weddings. Meanwhile rose gold becomes a warm, blushing talisman of love when paired with a champagne or peach sapphire. one of a kind engagement rings in white gold are second-to-none when paired with white sapphires or diamonds. White gold is said to symbolise strength and purity of heart, so allow this precious metal to shine with the promises held by the future of your life spent together.


Our unique engagement rings and one of a kind wedding rings are always made intentionally to make sure you never feel like you have to shop “off the shelf” for your special piece. This does mean, however, that our beloved collection is mostly one of a kind, meaning that we only produce a single one of a kind wedding rings for women of each design. For example, our One of a Kind Unnamed Collection has been made as a strictly limited edition, meaning that once a ring is sold it will not be available again. This is done to ensure that you feel a true connection to your piece, that it was made with you in mind, and that no one will ever compare the quality of your love.


Because of our limited-edition pieces, we recommend that you shop our online collection to get an idea of what you’re looking for in your unique engagement rings—and maybe even find that perfect ring! Our bluboho team will always be ready to assist with online inquiries, so never hesitate to get in touch. We even offer online engagement ring consultations in order to connect you with one of a kind diamond wedding rings, no matter the distance.


But of course, there’s nothing like getting up close and personal with our collection and sometimes a photograph cannot capture all that unique engagement rings have to say. Deciding what colour metal, what cut of stone, what rings to stack with your one of a kind wedding rings—all of these decisions come to life when you’re trying on our pieces. We have expert beloved consultants at each of our three locations who are ready to offer one-to-one insight on which ring tells your story. Book an engagement ring consultation at our Yonge Street or Queen Street West locations in Toronto or visit us on Lakeshore in downtown Oakville. We can’t wait to see you.