dream state polaris enamel flip necklace- 14k yellow gold


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the north star, otherwise known as polaris, is said to be an eternal guide on our journeys. the dream state polaris enamel necklace encourages us to follow our north star in pursuit of our most boundless of dreams, for anything that can be dreamt can be realized and created.

this flip necklace has a hand-enameled 14k yellow gold face that spins to reveal two striking cosmic motifs. on one side, the ursa minor constellation is set within a skyscape of enchanting midnight blue enamel. on the other, an engraved compass is adorned with a diamond center to represent your very own north star.

discover all dream state enamel pieces and celebrate achievement and nurture dreams.

**please note:  our hand enameled pieces should be handled with care, don’t let your special enamel pieces come into contact with heat, steam, water, creams or aerosols.