beloved by bluboho

endless nerina ring - 14k yellow gold, white diamonds

the greek word for reflection. 

one of love’s greatest gifts is to act as a reflection of everything we are: our devotion, our trust, our joy. just as nature finds its mirror in the still waters of a lake, the nerina ring has a design inspired by reflections dancing on water: ten white diamonds are composed in mirror-image around the centre stone, grounding this delicate piece in the belief that there is no better reflection of your capacity to love than when you see your love reflected in the eyes of your soulmate. 

The endless nerina ring is a composition that connects you to your love, and your reflection
within love. It is named after the Greek word for reflection, asking us to see love not just as a
destination for our deepest emotions and trust, but as a source of your reflection: a way to see
your best self reflected in the eyes of your beloved. The endless nerina ring features a
centerpiece diamond: a beautiful round white brilliant diamond 0.5ct held in eagle prongs. There
is then four ethically sourced marquis brilliant white diamonds and six round brilliant diamonds
that spread out across the band to create a shimmering still life of dancing water and
blossoming flowers, connecting you to nature and your own deepest nature as it exists in love.
In our jewelry stores Toronto we offer dainty engagement rings as part of the endless collection.
This collection of timeless and personal rings invites endless love and adventure. The endless
nerina ring allows you to carry a talisman of your love that reflects not only the devotion and
support of your beloved, but also celebrates your ability to begin every day, and every
adventure, as a loving and brave partner. The endless nerina ring is a ring that you can grow old
with as it is both a contemporary and classical design. set in 14k recycled gold, we hand-craft
each and every one of these beauties so that they are unique storytellers prepared specifically
for your love. Travel forever with the endless nerina ring.
Created with heartfelt care and thoughtful attention to detail, bluboho’s 14k yellow gold
engagement rings speak to the free-spirited and adventurous person who wants something
precious and deeply personal. We work with a profound commitment to storytelling: every one
of our diamond engagement rings has a story to tell and an inspiration based in love. We are
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The endless collection brings together unique engagement rings with the desire for endless
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The endless nerina ring comes from a line of handcrafted fine jewelry made of deeply
meaningful ethical diamonds—unique in their origin, quality and cut. These diamond
engagement rings await you with our collection of the finest one of a kind engagement rings that
are made locally here in canada. All our gold engagement rings are crafted as a wearable
talisman of love, signifying the commitment made by each couple as they embark on this next
step in their journey together. Designed to connect to the essence of your love and devotion
ongoing, our ethical diamonds are individually selected, each embodying wildness and beauty,
energy and significance. The endless nerina ring is made for life’s everlasting journeys and
breathtaking adventures. When love is the most important thing in your life, you should have
diamond engagement rings that reflect their sacred role.
bluboho always uses 100% recycled gold to make all of our diamond engagement rings and
rose gold engagement rings. By using 14k rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, we can ensure
that nothing is being taken from the earth that doesn’t need to be. We are able to preserve
pristine wilderness and irreplaceable landscapes by harnessing the ample supply of top-quality
gold that has already begun its life as stunning pieces of jewelry. Using recycled gold in no way
compromises on the quality of the 14k gold: this is because gold is a metal that is designed to
be melted down and re-cast into new shapes. Being recycled is all part of gold’s lifecycle and
we find this to be one of the key ways that we can reduce our environmental impact while still
delivering stunning and invigorating ethical diamond rings.
Secondly, all of our gemstones are ethically sourced. We know that when you are choosing
unique engagement rings —a talisman of your undying love—that conflict should play no part in

the creation of your ring. That is why bluboho sources all of its diamonds from approved supply
chains that use the Kimberley Process to source their stones. Recycled gold jewelry can be
sustainable all the way through when paired with sustainable diamonds. The Kimberley process
is a trade agreement scheme with the goal of providing entirely conflict-free diamonds, meaning
that you can rest assured that the endless nerina ring will always be a signifier of fairness,
positivity and regeneration.