horizon ring - 14k yellow gold, white diamond


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you turn to look for the horizon when you are in need of a source of light, hope and comfort. in your heart, you turn to a similar such person, who, like the constant horizon, is always there waiting to envelope you with the warmth of your joint future and shared past. guiding you, stirring your soul, providing the infinite canvas for your heart to explore with abandon. this collection draws inspiration from the comfort felt when gazing upon the horizon and understanding that you are not alone in this vast and wonderful world. 

the horizon ring features diamonds bursting with light that slowly taper along the dainty 14k gold band. the shape is reminiscent of the sun’s light gently receding along the horizon, hollowing out the sky as day turns to night. worn in combination, the horizon ring and horizon cuff ring stack seamlessly together, much like two hearts that come to beat in sync. simple but sophisticated shapes make this collection easy to wear and easy to love.