beloved by bluboho

kismet love one-of-a-kind ring - 14k yellow gold, pear green sapphire


as if shaped like clay in the hands of the universe, this love was made by design, a match created to last forever. kismet is the settled weight of destiny in the palm of one’s life, a jewel of a love to behold forever.

a classic in its timeless elegance, the kismet love ring reminds us to hold our beloved close and honour the gift kismet grants us with its shimmering pear green sapphire, 14 shimmering diamonds subtly placed on the gallery rail, and its 14k recycled yellow gold band.

please note that this is a limited edition and one of a kind piece. there is only one of this ring; once it is sold it will no longer be available. one of a kind pieces are final sale.

if you want to know more about this ring, have inquiries about sizing, specs, or to find out which shop it is located at to see it in person, please email us at and we'll be happy to work with you!