Everyday wishbone earring - 14k yellow gold


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also known as a "merry-thought," a wishbone is an ancient symbol of good luck. Resembling a fork in a road, wishbones can bring you luck on whatever direction you take in life's journey.

my wish for you,

that love would hold you. that beauty would captivate you. that growth would transform you. and, that life would be had by you.

this is my wish, my wish is for you.

the gold wishbone earring is a symbol of hope and deep desire for the future. these wishbone stud earrings capture the hope and desire for all things beautiful. there's nothing quite as satisfying as snapping a wishbone in half with a friend, especially when you've got a special wish waiting in your heart. the gold wishbone earrings meaning reminds us to dream deep and live big. this is a dainty, friendly reminder to open ourselves up to the endless possibilities life offers us. never forget to dream big. the beauty of life is all of the little things that create it, it is all of the things that make up your day-to-day. the beautiful tapestry of life and adventure is painted by a smile from a stranger, a hug from a loved one, a hot cup of coffee from a co-worker, and a “hey, how’ve you been?” from a long-time friend. your dreams and hope for the future are the canvas, the hope in knowing that there is more. more life to be had and shared, and more beauty to be witnessed. your dreams create the back drop to all of life’s beautiful moments. with our wishbone stud earrings, never stop dreaming. our gold wishbone earring is a reminder to live life to the fullness of your dreams, to never stop hoping and wishing more love into your life.

as you continue to dream and hope for the future with our wishbone stud earrings, remember to send wishes to the loved ones around you. the beauty of balance, in dreaming the biggest life for yourself and wishing only the best for those around us, this is the symmetry of self-love and love for others. these wishbone earrings are a reminder to carry your wishes, dreams and hopes for the future with you. our wishbone shaped earrings remind you that every step you take, no matter how big or small, is a step into your future. a step forward. a step onward. every step is a step in the right direction. let the simple beauty and gold shimmer of these earrings gently push your dreams forward, bringing your wishes with you into your future and into the lives around you.

also known as a "merry-thought," a wishbone is an ancient symbol of good luck. it can bring you luck on whatever direction you take in life's journey. resembling a fork in the road, no matter the direction chosen or how far you have travelled, never forget to dream, to let yourself have wishes and hopes for the future. you are never too old or too young to step into your dream or wish love and life into the world of those around you. you are never too busy to find hope and desire for the life your living and the life you dream to have. the dreams and wishes you carry are only a step away. your next step. it may be small but it’s a leap into your world of big dreams, and big wishes. it is your future and it holds all of the promise, beauty, love and life that you can dream of. wearing our gold wishbone earrings is a simple, dainty statement that your dreams and wishes are big. a delicate yet bold statement that you have hope for life, love and beauty and the world around you is a reflection of the dreams you hold in your heart.

gift our gold wishbone stud earrings to a friend along with well wishes of love, beauty and adventure. our gold wishbone earrings 14k, are designed and handcrafted here in toronto, ontario. these special modern minimal jewelry pieces are dainty and perfect for your everyday earring stack. we only use recycled gold for our jewelry so that we can make use of the materials we already have available. our wishbone earrings gold are a 14k dainty gold wishbone, minimalist jewelry, on a 14k gold post. you can purchase these dainty gold wishbone earrings studs online, or in store at any of our three locations. two being in toronto, ontario, and one location in oakville, ontario. these rose gold wishbone earrings can be purchased as a single or as a pair. making them the perfect dainty gold stud earrings to mix and match with, to tell your story with your earring stack.