Larger wildflower earring - 14k yellow gold


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our larger wildflower earring stud is cast in a hand-carved wax mould and set in 14k polished gold by a local artisan. this stud sits gracefully on the ear, ideal for a first piercing or as the anchor for a stack of earrings. it has a bold presence and as one of our largest studs, it tells the world of your courageous, tenacious spirit. Just as wildflowers make their true colours known to the world, this dainty 14k gold stud is a marker of the adventures which have brought you to bloom, and of the journey that your accomplishments have yet to take you on. we believe our larger wildflower earring stud makes the perfect gift to mark someone’s personal growth or a special achievement, given the strength and creativity that wildflowers represent in the natural world.