pearl inkling long L shaped post earring - 14k yellow gold, white freshwater pearl


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an inkling may first come to you as a small feeling or modest suspicion. but inklings are more than a passing thought, they are representations of our strongest instincts and can offer invaluable insight into our soul’s desire. the inkling earring collection is a call for all of us to trust our instincts and listen to the voice that comes from within. for centuries pearls have symbolized wisdom acquired through experience, and as such act as a conduit between the wisdom we've gained and the instincts that guide us. because pearls represent wisdom and pureness of heart, this beauty is also an ideal gift for a graduation or milestone birthday.

because pearls are delicate and unique, it is encouraged that you take very special care of them. Think "last thing on, first thing off." don't let your special pearl piece come in contact with any creams or aerosols, and store in an airtight space so that they don't dry out.