serendipity emerald ring - 14k yellow gold, precious gems


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the definition of serendipity is "the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way". wear this perfect little stacker for a pop of colour that reminds you that life is sprinkled with serendipity.

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Serendipity is unlikely, it is fantastic, it is the stars aligning to show you that you are exactly where you are meant to be. The word represents unexpected discoveries or a moment of fortune that could only be brought about by chance. We designed the serendipity sapphire ring to honour this most precious moment of kismet and fate. This yellow gold sapphire ring is designed with all this in mind: the sapphire is known as a ring of protection, specifically offering protection to those who are traveling on a journey. Also known as the “traveler’s protector” the sapphire isn’t just for long journey’s around the world—it’s for the everyday journeys, the moments of discovery that can emerge when we step outside our comfort zone, for the first step we take each morning that might take us on the adventure of a lifetime.


As a purple sapphire ring, this beauty is meant to represent love and loyalty. A lavender sapphire ring makes an amazing gift to give a best friend or someone who could benefit from knowing that you are committed to being there for them, no matter what. Perhaps you decide to give the serendipity sapphire ring with a lavender sapphire to convey the message that even though it was chance that brought you together, you are now together for life.


The serendipity sapphire ring features a slightly thinner band than our other stacking rings that feature precious gemstones, making these thin delicate rings something one of a kind and unique to bluboho. Bluboho rings are assembled and crafted with the utmost care and skill by some of Toronto’s most talented goldsmiths. This attention to detail is what makes the serendipity sapphire ring something truly precious. And because Canadian jewelry designers have always been at the heart of our core values, bluboho works exclusively with Toronto-based designers. By making our production practices completely local, we are also able to help the environment and our local economy. By keeping everything in our neighbourhood not only are we reducing the carbon footprint of all the affordable ethical jewelry that we produce, but we are also able to infuse these gold rings with a true sense of community.


Wearing multiple dainty gold rings on one finger, or spread out across your hands, has become a personal and exciting way to express yourself through the medium of jewelry. This purple sapphire ring is a sapphire ring toronto loves. In recent years, ring stacks have become the ultimate way to express yourself through the artistry of jewelry. Some people choose to wear their ring collection in the same composition everyday while some love to change their stack whenever the mood strikes them. This lavender sapphire ring is thin and dainty while also offering the texture of a coloured gemstone, making it perfect for adding something original to your stack.


The serendipity sapphire ring is the perfect way to bring variation to your ring look, to add sparkle to a solid gold ring collection, and to bring harmony to your bluboho rings. There are no rules to making your perfect stack—but we have a few tips to help familiarize yourself with your thing gold band ring and its potential: make sure that there is a sense of contrast between your rings, so try alternating between rose gold rings, textured rings, and rings with gemstones—like the serendipity sapphire ring. We also made our line of stacking rings for exactly this purpose! Their thin size and varied texture are just the thing to fill out a stack and create that whimsical, free-spirited look for your hand.


We chose sapphires for all our real sapphire rings, because just like you, the tough and durable gemstones can withstand the day to day. We wanted this purple sapphire ring to inspire you to stay strong and true to yourself, in the moments of good look and serendipity and when things aren’t going your way. A sapphire ranks high on the Mohs scale—it’s the only stone harder than sapphire being a diamond. The desirability of sapphire jewelry comes from its colour, hardness, and luster. Our rose gold rings with sapphires harness the sapphire’s unique character and individual colour making us so excited to create beautiful sapphire jewelry that lasts. The sapphires used in our rose gold rings create a standard of elegance and beauty. Each purple sapphire ring, including our serendipity sapphire ring, is made with only ethically sourced sapphires through the Kimberly process certified and conflict free.