honey dipper lariat necklace - 14k yellow gold


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Honey bees turn the joy and radiance of flowers into a sweetness that feeds our soul—a golden essence that leaves our fingers sticky with sunshine. Flying from their hive as soon as the weather is warm, honeybees remind us to appreciate each bloom that blossoms and seize the summer days while they last. When you pause to focus on all the goodness in your world you will find that over time, drop by drop, the sweetness that surrounds you will fill every corner of your world, coating everything like a warm, glowing layer of honey. 

With our dainty 14k gold honey dipper lariat, it is easy to see that life is enriched when we focus on the good, especially when we take the time to squeeze every drop of sweetness from the honeycomb. The swaying droplet charm adds movement and interest to any necklace collection, making this a versatile and heart-warming everyday piece.