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the sapphires in our rings are chosen for their extraordinariness. most commonly known for their rich blue hue, sapphires actually come in a plethora of colours, each one as unique as you. lifelong pieces, sapphires are the next hardest gem after diamonds. 

our sapphire engagement ring collection is inspired by the beautiful symbolism and colour held in the unique gem stone, the sapphire. a sapphire is the perfect match for a love that knows no bounds. timeless and ever-changing, soft and powerful, awe-inspiring and comforting. the character of a sapphire holds depth and symbolizes wisdom and virtue. a sapphire engagement ring means faithfulness and commitment, guided with grace and gentleness. allow your perfect sapphire wedding ring to lure you into the mysteries and depth of love.

your unique gold sapphire engagement ring is a tough and durable gem. a sapphire sits at a 9 on the 1-10 mohs scale, with the only natural gem stone harder than sapphire being a diamond. the desirability of sapphire jewelry comes from its colour, hardness, and luster. the sapphire’s unique character and meaning of wisdom and faithfulness makes us so excited to hand craft sapphire jewelry into our beautiful sapphire engagement ring collection and sapphire rings. sapphires create a standard of elegance and beauty as they lavish grace and gentleness onto what you hold close to your heart. made with only ethically sourced sapphires through the Kimberly process certified and conflict free, we design and handcraft your beautiful one of a kind sapphire wedding rings in toronto, canada.

every single sapphire is completely one of a kind as the hue is never naturally replicated. we love creating beauty from uniqueness in our sapphire engagement rings to add to the love in the lives of others. whether it is your september birthstone ring or a white gold sapphire engagement ring, each one is held unique to you with a distinct and matchless colour that guides you deeper into its ocean like depths.