tie dye insight ring - 14k yellow gold, blue sapphire


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designed to evoke the image of a compass rose, which denotes the cardinal directions, this piece represents guidance, direction, and enlightenment on your path, helping you find your way and express your truest colours.

**please note that colours of the sapphire vary from pale to mid-tone blue due; each item has a unique colour variation and may differ between pieces.

Point your finger to the horizon and follow the path it makes, use your insight to guide you as you take the first step on a life changing journey. This is how we relate to your tie dye insight ring, which feature a sapphire-inflected medallion that was designed after the cardinal directions inscribed on a compass. The compass acts a symbol which turns the earth into a navigable playground, a world where our adventures take place and our souls take shape. With a centre sapphire acting as your protection, this blue sapphire ring encourages you to follow the voice within as it guides you on your own path. Sapphires have been known for centuries as the “traveller’s protector” for their ability to guide you through life, no matter what your adventure may look like. To honour the guiding power of the sapphire, our tie dye insight ring brings the central beauty of a singular stone and harnesses wisdom into these natural sapphire rings. We made the tie dye insight ring so that it can become the perfect addition to your 14k gold ring collection. Wearing multiple rings on one finger, or spread out across your hands, has become a personal and exciting way to express yourself through the medium of jewelry. This style is now often referred to as “stacking” or creating a “ring stack,” which simply means that you are stacking gold sapphire rings and womens gold rings in an intentional fashion in order to create a larger composition than just one gold ring. We have a few tips to help familiarize yourself with your dainty gold rings potential: make sure that there is a sense of contrast between your rings, so try alternating between a rose gold ring, textured rings, and a blue sapphire ring. We made a line with a blue sapphire gold ring just for this purpose, and you can add the perfect statement piece with the tie dye insight ring. There has never been a better reason to take the handmade jewelry Toronto can offer and use it to tell your
unique story. Bluboho is devoted to creating sustainable tie dye insight rings, so all our rings use ethically sourced gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear this 14k gold ring. This commitment to sustainability goes beyond the materials we use in our handmade jewelry toronto. The tie dye insight ring is aligned with not only your style, but also your ethics. By trying to be one of the most community- oriented producers of fine jewelry Toronto has, we work directly with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in the city we call home. We know that jewelry is so much more than a mere object: it can create a full, rich community. Everything is produced locally at jewelry stores toronto. Supporting Toronto arts and crafts industries through ethical jewelry canada is such an important way for us to foster a true sense of community and to infuse this sapphire ring with human connection. Through our local production practices, we are also able to make the highest possible quality rings—meaning that our tie dye insight ring is sure to hold a special place in your life for years to come. The tie dye insight ring has a thin band and perfect, round medallion that draws the eye to this 14k gold ring, making it something one of a kind and unique to bluboho. Each individual ring is assembled and set with the utmost care and craftsmanship by some of Toronto’s most talented goldsmiths. Because these boho rings are one of a kind, it means that each will look different and tell a different story. The sapphires are all their own, unique shade of blue and tell a complete story all to themselves. This attention to detail is what makes the tie dye insight ring something truly precious. Set in 14k recycled gold, the blue sapphire ring holds one brilliant cut round montana sapphire in a halo of shining metal. We source our sapphires from a very special mine in on the Missouri River in Montana. By using these expertly cut “artist” sapphires, we are able to cut down on transportation and feel good knowing that these gorgeous stones are from a place close to our home and to our heart—something which is so important for sapphire ring canada. Our blue sapphire rings are an ode to the staggering beauty of the earth and as such were sourced with kindness and love.