blue lagoon baguette stacking ring - 14k yellow gold, baguette cut montana sapphire


in life we all will experience ebbs and flows, and at times we may feel lost in the churning currents and tumbling waves— but just as we may have questions, the water will give us answers, wearing away the sharp edges of uncertainty to create something beautiful.

with a baguette cut montana sapphire set to denote the movement and flow of the waves in its angular setting, the blue lagoon baguette stacking ring was designed to remind us that like the ocean, we contain forces of transformation and flux beyond our wildest imaginations— a strength that can be harnessed in the fluid power of the ocean. 

** please note: this unique ring was designed to be worn in a stack, wearing it without another ring supporting it may result in snagging. it is important to take additional care with this piece, since the elongated surface of the stone is exposed -  make sure your piece fits you comfortably and you avoid heavy lifting or blunt trauma with a baguette ring.