Everyday little wishbone necklace - 14k yellow gold


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luck is no coincidence. its pushing yourself to grow, making hard choices, leaning into your support system when you need it and most of all it’s created by love, a fierce love for what you do. a love that drives you towards making all the luck you could ever need. this dainty gold necklace is made from 14k recycled gold featuring a 14k gold wishbone charm.

Our free-spirited jewelry is a celebration of luxury, elegance, and human connection—and the dainty jewelry necklaces in our “everyday little” collection are no exception. The everyday little wishbone necklace is much more than a symbol of incidental luck: it is a calling for all of us to seek out our own luck and take our fate into our own hands. Wishbone jewelry is made for those of who know when to call on their community for support, who hold eternal human bonds close, and recognize that no one finds luck all on their own. Our wishing bone necklace is an ode to love and connection and aspires to promote a shift of consciousness when it comes to thinking about how good fortune comes into being.


We chose an unbroken wishbone as the charm from our gold wishbone necklace because it represents the promise of luck and good things to come. Because we believe that oftentimes luck defies coincidence: it is something vested within you that you have the power to unlock. Wearing our everyday little wishbone necklace is an homage to your ability to make mindful choices, to push your limits in the pursuit of discovery, and your ability to welcome love into your heart. Perhaps it is these qualities within you that make luck come true. 


The gold wishbone necklace features a small 14k charm that was designed by hand, making this beauty a classic and timeless design, but also something one of a kind and unique to bluboho. Each individual necklace is assembled and cast with the utmost care and craftsmanship by some of Toronto’s most talented goldsmiths. This attention to detail is what makes the everyday little wishbone necklace truly unique.


Like all of our artisan handcrafted jewelry, this dainty gold necklace is infused with intention. The wishbone necklace meaning is grounded in the history of the wishbone as a symbol of luck. The “wishbone game” is usually played at holidays between family members and loved ones, where the bone is snapped by two people in order to have a special wish granted. However, the origins of this tradition go back to ancient times. It is said that around 700 BC the Etruscans believed that birds had the mystic ability to predict the future. As such, these special bones contained sacred properties and would be dried out and displayed. Villagers would gently stroke the bone and make a wish, lending it its popular name, the wishbone. In the ancient Roman era, the “wishbone” of a bird was hung up in homes and said to bring good fortune to all those walked beneath it. This ancient tradition eventually found its way to England when people began to break wishbones in hopes of bringing luck into their lives. 


With a tradition grounded in times of connection and togetherness, a gold wishbone necklace makes the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. This minimalist gold necklace can be given as a token of friendship, bringing to mind two best friends snapping a wishbone and sharing in good fortune together. As a birthday gift, wishbone jewelry makes a charming and playful way to pass along all your best wishes for the year ahead. A wishbone necklace rose gold is a popular choice for a Valentine’s Day gift because it says, “honouring our devotion and trust, together we will make our luck through our love.”


At bluboho we work with local artisans in Toronto, Ontario to individually craft each wishbone necklace for women. This ensures the highest quality wishbone necklace Canada has to offer, allowing you to treasure this special beauty for decades to come. This dainty gold necklace comes with a fine delicate 14k gold chain that has an adjustable length, with extenders at 15” and 16”. And as a commitment to the wellbeing of not just ourselves but the whole precious and irreplaceable world, bluboho uses recycled and ethically sourced 14k gold to make our wishbone necklace gold the finest calibre. 


The wishbone necklace gold is available in both yellow and rose 14k recycled gold. We recommend the gold wishbone necklace in yellow gold for the traditionalist: besides giving sparkle, shine, and glamour to any look, gold has many deeper beneficial properties. It is associated with illumination, love, compassion, passion, and wisdom. For the romantics among us, we recommend the wishbone necklace rose gold as this pink-hued precious metal brings with it a promise of eternal love and comfort which can be shared with all those around you.