Everyday little lovely heart necklace - 14k yellow gold


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the dainty heart featured on this 14k gold piece is a reminder of the sheer amount of love you have to give and the endless love you receive in return. stack this beauty up in the same way friendship and devotion stacks up around those who live life with an open heart.

The little lovely heart necklace is for the lovers, the hopeless romantics, for those who wake up every day ready share the love in their heart. This heart necklace features one gold charm on a fine 14k gold chain. It is our most popular gold heart necklace, drawing people in with its whimsical charm and joyful shape. We find that a minimalist gold necklace can say the most: love can be shared every single day and life is all about finding new places to share that love. Love is shared through words of kindness, acts of devotion, a tender touch, and sharing what is in your heart. The little lovely heart necklace is the perfect way to extend your love to someone else by giving them a small token to connect you even when you may be far apart. This rose gold necklace makes a perfect valentine’s day gift for those looking to touch the heart of a lover. Likewise, it can be the perfect thing to give a best friend to express how deeply your hearts are connected in friendship. We also fancy this heart necklace as a meaningful gift for yourself, as a way to represent your own self-love and your commitment to loving yourself inside and out.

A 14k gold heart necklace is simple and sweet. It exudes a warmth that compliments your loving soul. Because small dainty necklaces like this one are perfect for stacking, we have designed this heart necklace with an adjustable chain. This means it can be worn at a length of 15 or 16 inches, making it versatile and some of the best dainty jewelry Canada has to offer. We love stacking a heart gold necklace with other charm necklaces, or with gold chokers to give your necklace look a bit of variation and texture. You can also use the little lovely necklace to bring out the warmth of a rose gold necklace.

Bluboho is devoted to purveying sustainable jewelry, so all bluboho jewelry uses ethically sourced gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear one of our dainty necklaces. This commitment to sustainability goes beyond the materials we use. We are always finding ways to make our means of production as sustainable as possible. By trying to be one of the most community-oriented jewelry stores Toronto has, we work directly with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in the city we call home. Everything, including our 14k gold heart necklace, is produced locally. Supporting Toronto arts and crafts industries and artisans through handmade dainty necklaces is such an important way for us to foster a true sense of community and to make each piece part of something greater than ourselves. 

Producing locally also ensures the highest quality rose gold jewelry Canada has to offer, allowing you to enjoy and share in the wonder of this heart necklace for years to come—perhaps becoming a necklace that you pass down to further generations. Because we know that a commitment to wellbeing doesn’t stop at ourselves but rather extends into our role as a caretaker and safeguard of this whole precious and irreplaceable planet that we call home, a bluboho gold heart necklace will always be made from recycled metal. This means that we never have to compromise on either quality or ethics when it comes to our 14k gold necklace.

No loving hearts are the same—what sets them apart is the ways in which the make their love known to the world and how each heart shines when surrounded by love. To honour the variability and difference of our loving souls, we offer the everyday lovely little necklace in two types of recycled 14k gold, including a rose gold necklace. We recommend the 14k gold heart necklace in yellow gold to people who are looking to express a love that exceeds romance and offers itself to each soul it meets without hesitation or judgement. Yellow gold is for those who are generous with love and know exactly how to say, “I love you,” whether it is to a parent, a friend, or a lover. For someone who looks for romance, we recommend a rose gold necklace. This precious metal brings with it a promise of eternal love and comfort which can be shared with your soulmate, making the rose gold necklace a classic for those invested in love. Made with love and designed with compassion, this gold chain necklace is the finest rose gold necklace canada has to offer.