beloved by bluboho

natural chemistry one-of-a-kind ring - 14k yellow gold, violet blue sapphire


natural chemistry embodies the intricate and profound connection between two souls, reflecting the magic of natural chemistry that draws them together. it symbolizes the unique blend of personalities, energies, and experiences that create a deep and enduring bond. like the merging of elements in nature, love finds its perfect balance in this union—a harmonious fusion of hearts and souls. a unique combination of an ethically sourced rare sapphire in a sparkling diamond and recycled yellow gold setting.

love, like the forces of nature, is a fundamental part of our existence, shaping and enriching our lives in ways both profound and magical. with a pale violet blue oval montana sapphire set between two brilliant diamonds, natural chemistry speaks to a natural kind of love that flows as easily as instinct.

one-of-a-kind rings are made in size 6. please email us with your desired size. resize turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. 

please note that this is a limited edition and one-of-a-kind piece. there is only one of each ring; once it is sold it will no longer be available. one-of-a-kind pieces are final sale. no refunds, returns or exchange.

gold is a precious but soft metal. to keep your ring in its best shape for many years to come, follow our guide to fine jewelry care.