bluboho’s unique fine jewelry has been enchanting our clients for almost 10 years, with a marvelous collection of limited edition, unique and one of a kind pieces. Inspired by our love of travel, meaningful relationships and our celebration of joyous occasions, we’ve found our important niche in the jewelry marketplace. In our three shops, and online, we offer our clientele access to the finest coterie of international delicate jewelry designers working today. You’ll find that our charming dainty bracelets, rings, earrings, engagement rings, and necklaces are great for any occasion and outfit you plan on wearing.

Our American friends will find our prices especially attractive because of the 30% difference between the American and Canadian dollar (USD to CDN). Many people prefer to drop in and browse at one of our three inviting stores for something as personal and dainty as jewelry. We have thousands of satisfied clients who purchase our unique jewelry online. Our increasing number of European and American customers tell us they’re especially pleased with the cost, speed, and efficiency of our online service.

Want to preview our fine range of sapphire engagement rings, stunning necklaces, and bracelets and other minimalist jewelry? Take a look at our website. Have questions about our products or policies? Drop us a note at We’ll be pleased to hear from you and help you select a piece of delicate jewelry online or guide you in making a decision about that necklace or ring for that special person or that important occasion.

Minimalist Jewelry, Dainty Jewelry, Just For You

Over the years in our client-focused unique fine jewelry business we’ve discovered some of the best designers from around the globe. The charming pieces we offer our select clientele are never mass-produced but created with the intention for the thoughtful consumer who has an eye for beauty and design. We like to think that each of our remarkable pieces of unique jewelry occupies a space between raw and refined. Seldom fussy. Always authentic. Beautifully handcrafted. Designed to present the feeling of a life well-lived. Our diamonds are conflict-free and Kimberly Process compliant. Our own line of fine jewelry is designed and created locally. We also work with delicate jewelry designers from around the world who we support for their creative vision, ethical practice and overall magic in providing us with fine unique jewelry.

Minimalist Jewelry From Close to Home and From Around the World

Along with over 150 of our own bluboho design pieces, we offer fine jewelry from some of the top designers worldwide. For example, we know that you’ll be delighted to see, and better yet wear, one of the 11 stunning pieces we offer from our Polly Wales Collection. Polly founded her workshop in London England about a decade ago but now is located in downtown Los Angeles. She is known for her ‘cast’ not ‘set’ approach to creating unique 18 karat gold pieces which you‘ll find a delight to wear.

Our Sofia Zakia Collection offers 14 fine award-winning pieces and comes from her creative studio in Montreal. Her pieces always tell a story or have symbolic meaning that creates a powerful feeling when you wear them. Our 24 ‘Tashi’ offerings come from Vancouver and talented silversmiths in Thailand. These unique and delicate pieces are always a pleasure to wear when used to highlight a special garment or occasion.

You’ll be swept away by our sapphire engagement rings, our plethora of hand-selected gems, and the wide range of exceptional jewelry we have to offer from our delicate jewelry designers. We know that you’ll be pleased with the ambiance in our three comfortable stores or the ability to shop online from the comfort of your own home. Our American clientele can order online knowing they’ll be purchasing a unique and attractive piece of fine jewelry at a considerable discount when they take advantage of the strong US dollar. So, drop by, give us a call, or visit us online. bluboho is entirely run by women and noted for its collection of ethically sourced raw and refined minimalist jewelry.