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Mon coeur ring - 14k rose gold, morganite


our morganite mon coeur ring was handcrafted and thoughtfully designed for the one that holds your heart.

mon coeur est a vous: a french promise meaning, “my heart is yours and belongs only to you.” this refined and simple design honours the treasured rarity of a singular love. as the eye travels around the long and then short curves of the oval cut stone, it invokes a syncopated rhythm that echoes a beating heart. likewise, the understated pink colour of morganite promises healing, compassion, assurance, and devotion for your lifelong journey together.

this 14k recycled rose gold ring features an ethically sourced solitaire oval morganite, the peach coloured morganite complimenting the rose gold band perfectly.

Mon Coeur est a vous: a French promise meaning, “my heart is yours and belongs only to you.” Our Mon Coeur ring was handcrafted and thoughtfully designed for the one that holds your heart. This rose gold morganite ring boasts a light pink hue, representing a special love, a rare love. We want this unique fine jewelry, dainty gold ring to represent the way your heart beats step-in-step with another, a passionate feeling of devotion and commitment. This love is not daunting or forbidden, it the way you make each other feel. It’s at your fingertips as you grace their cheek with a gentle touch, it’s at the tip of your tongue when you lean in and feel their lips touch yours. This love belongs to you. 

The Mon Coeur dainty gold ring embodies this rare, singular love. Its soft pink colour is like that of the sky when the first rays of sunrise greet you in the morning. This rose gold morganite ring brings hope and promises of healing. The colour of this unique designer jewelry embodies the soft gentle, yet constant characteristics of the love you share. How being held in the arms of your lover can make you feel assured and safe. Like you are so small in the presence of a love so great, and in that moment the vastness of the universe could pale in comparison to the insurmountable depth felt as your head rests on their chest, listening to every beat of reassurance as it convinces you of this truth. 

We want our dainty gold rings to be about how you make your loved one feel. The complicated inner workings of love anchored in compassion for another and devotion to your lifelong journey together. The sparkling clarity of the rose gold morganite ring we chose for your Mon Coeur dainty gold ring, is a representation of the clarity love brings to your journey. That it is a journey. That clarity can come in an imperfection. That as you continue to accept each other with the love and devotion found deep within you, you begin to see each other more and more clearly, growing your love for each other on every changing moment. Lean on each other and hold each other up, as you walk step-in-step through this journey of life, building on the foundation of unrelenting devotion to each other. 

We would be so honoured to have our Mon Coeur rose gold morganite ring grace the hand of the one you love so deeply. That this dainty gold ring would go with you on your journey as you grow together and be a reminder of the beauty in all your moments past and a promise of love, compassion, devotion for all of the moments to come. As you continue to learn about the ever-changing and dynamic ways your love speaks to each other, let this rose gold morganite ring be a part of your constant. Like the recurring heart swell moment of the sunrise and the deep, graceful exhale of the sunset, love shows both sides. Your love is rare, this love belongs to you. 

You have found your love and now you have found your perfect rose gold morganite ring.

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