apatite mood ring - 14k yellow gold


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inspired | mindful | limitless

choose your mood, create your vibe. these rings are designed as a reminder that you are the maker of your mood - welcome the inspired, mindful and limitless you with apatite. hand-crafted from the initial wax carving and adorned with sparkling diamonds, this striking piece proudly features a mysterious apatite gemstone nestled in 14K recycled yellow gold. highlighting a one-of-a-kind, hand-cut, free-form gemstone, our apatite diamond mood Ring empowers you to sculpt and mold your emotional journey, granting you mastery over your inner world.

** please note: hand carved natural gemstones may vary from the image in color and faceting. apatite is a softer stone than our usual gemstones and must be worn with additional care; don't let your special apatite pieces come in contact with any water, creams or aerosols. half and quarter sizes are available by special order. reach out to to find out more.