crescent, bee, and dream keeper charm + inseparable essence necklace duo


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 a new cycle of discovery and wisdom awaits! calm and filled with hope, we look upon a crescent moon as she alights the night sky, calling as she does, for us to mark another beginning. a perfect crescent moon charm made of solid gold with textured bumps, set with a three-prong of opals

each morning the sweet honey bee sets out on its journey, flying towards discovery and harnessing its potential to create and explore. one of nature's most industrious creatures, the honeybee is a powerful symbol of prosperity and innovation. a vital lifeline in our ecosystem, bees are known for their work ethic, loyalty and wandering souls. an exquisite adornment made of solid gold with previous detailing, and set with a rosecut moonstone.

seers of our true potential and the abilities hidden within, dragonflies are the keepers of dreams. Inspiring our innate creativity, spirituality and wisdom, they help us to navigate our paths of discovery and achievement. an elegant adornment crafted of solid polished gold set with one bezel brilliant white diamond

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