Dream state enamel eternity ring - 14k yellow gold, white diamond, enamel


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in the deep, wondrous expanse of the cosmos, dreams float amongst the stars and planets: they too glimmer and twinkle with a light all their own. as we gaze up into the mysterious eternity of the universe, a dream may catch our eye that becomes our singular focus… a new north star igniting with its call.

the dream state eternity ring is enameled by hand to mimic the dazzling night sky. wear this skyscape on your hand as a gentle reminder of your limitless possibilities, and that the universe always has your back.

discover all dream state enamel pieces and celebrate achievement and nurture dreams.

**please note:  our hand enameled pieces should be handled with care, don’t let your special enamel pieces come into contact with heat, steam, water, creams or aerosols.