beloved by bluboho

marry me ring - 14k yellow gold, white diamond


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a token of everlasting love and adoration, a declaration of intent, and a promise of forever. the perfect way to say ‘marry me’ and to declare that this love is for keeps. 

there are milestones in our lives that are marked by the love we have for one another - boundless and eternal, yet constantly growing and evolving. there are moments we want to cherish, etching them in our memories to recall in an instant. these are the stories we wish to tell over the years - enchanting tales of love and commitment that withstands the journey of time. 

this 14k yellow gold ring is engraved with "beloved" on one side and imprinted with two diamonds in two hearts on the other. a placeholder or promise ring to mark the intention of a shared life to come while you wait for the moment when you meet the perfect one of a kind ring to illustrate your unique love story. this ring can remain nestled in your wedding stack, or be moved to another finger to mark the next joyous occasion.

within 1 year of purchase of the marry me ring you will receive a credit on beloved one of a kind or beloved endless engagement ring purchase from either of these pages:

  • $100 credit when up to $4997 spent on an engagement ring
  • full credit for the price of the marry me ring ($398) when over $4998 spent on an engagement ring