pearl sway hoop - 14k yellow gold, white freshwater pearl


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for centuries, pearls have symbolized wisdom acquired through experience. pearls represent wisdom and pureness of heart, making these beauties an ideal gift for graduation or a milestone birthday. wear these freshwater pearls to take your experiences with you. Because pearls are so delicate and unique, take very special care of them. think "last thing on, first thing off." don't let your special pearl piece come in contact with any creams or aerosols, and store in an air tight space so they don't dry out.

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 Pearls have long been considered one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Their elegance shines like the moon and their patina comes from the careful and tender nurturing of the ocean. Pearls have been widely used in portraits for centuries because they illuminate the person wearing them, unlike other gems which shine on their own. Wear these gorgeous pearl hoop earrings every day to remind yourself that you are the thing that shines the brightest. 14k thin gold hoop earrings recall the pearl earrings featured in so many classic portraits and works of art, and as such are a timeless accessory which connect us to the history of both beauty and femininity. Bluboho gold pearl earrings are stacked with three freshwater pearls to allow you to tell a story and make a portrait of yourself. Tell a story with your minimalist jewelry by stacking ear cuffs, studs, threaders and small hoop earrings and allow your story to be told in gold. We like to think that the three precious stones in our pearl sway hoop represent the past, present and future—marking the passage of time: a subtle reminder to inhale the future, exhale the past, and energize ourselves with the present.

Bluboho is committed to hand-crafting sustainable jewelry, so these handmade small hoop earrings use sustainably sourced gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear the pearl sway hoops. We are also committed to sustainable jewelry by working only with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in Toronto. Supporting Toronto creative industries through handmade small hoop earrings is such an important way for us to foster a true sense of community and to make each piece part of something greater than ourselves. This also ensures the highest quality fine jewelry Toronto has to offer, allowing you to treasure these special gold pearl sway hoop earrings for decades to come. These dainty pearl hoop earrings come with three freshwater pearls which have been tenderly made by flowing waters and the warmth of rushing currents—such timeless stones will always withstand the test of time. As a commitment to the wellbeing of not just ourselves but the whole precious and irreplaceable world, bluboho gold pearl earrings are made of recycled and ethically sourced 14k gold, ensuring that we never compromise on either calibre or ethics in pearl hoop earrings Toronto.

Our free-spirited jewelry is a celebration of luxury, elegance, and human connection—and these 14k thin gold hoop earrings are no exception. The pearl sway hoop is much more than a symbol of the cycle of time and the ever-flowing nature of water: it is an ode to all those who seek wisdom through experience and know the value of calling on others to impart and share their wisdom in times of need and uncertainty. Gold pearl sway hoop earrings are a reminder that we can always grow from our mistakes because it is experience that makes us wise, and that we must cherish the guidance of others in order to better understand ourselves. Gold hoop earrings with pearls are made for those who know that our dreams can take shape so long as we are willing to put in the patience and work required—much like a tiny grain of sand transforming slowly but surely into a lustrous, precious pearl. Our dainty gold pearl earrings call for love and connection and aspire to promote a shift of consciousness when it comes to thinking about how “pearls of wisdom” not only teach us how to live but allow us to pass wisdom on in turn.

Pearls are made slowly, patiently, over a lifetime. They are the crystallization of time. Wear these yellow gold freshwater pearl earrings as an everyday piece to honour your growth not just over a lifetime but in the small moments day by day. Similarly to this, pearls have notably been given as gifts, making our gold pearl sway hoop earrings an excellent choice to mark a milestone or achievement in a loved one’s life. Whether it be a significant birthday or graduation, imparting wisdom through freshwater pearl earrings has ancient roots that date back to ancient Greece and the Byzantine Empire, when the emperor favoured giving pearls to important guests as a marker of goodwill and honour. In the 16th century in England, also known as the Pearl Age, pearls gained notoriety as a gift given to a lover in order to symbolise the precious and treasured bond between two souls in love.