resilience diamond leaf necklace - 14k yellow gold, white diamond


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roots ground you, branches protect you, and leaves tell your journey along the way. Leaves are what remind us of the fact that all things are, by their very nature, impermanent. but this impermanency is what makes life so precious, so worth the living. the greatest beauty is fleeting, even the most magnificent leaf will fall. rather than mourn the loss, the world is made richer by life’s ephemeral journey. 

this handcrafted necklace is adorned with the falling leaves of the tree of life, cascading outward from a centre rose cut diamond, which symbolizes eternal hope. Shedding our leaves is integral to life, it provides the oxygen we breathe, and contains one of the most important lessons given to us by mother earth: life is impermanent, and what could be more beautiful than that?