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sweet nothings one-of-a-kind - 14k yellow gold, sage green sapphire


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sweet nothings is a poetic tribute to the unspoken sentiments that make love the most enchanting of melodies. just like the tender notes of the heartfelt love song, this engagement ring encapsulates the emotions that words often fail to convey. at its core, an ethically sourced montana sapphire shines as the silent narrator of your love story, speaking volumes without uttering a single word. 

its exquisite design, adorned with delicate milgrain accents on the band with pave diamonds in half eternity, mirrors the subtle yet profound moments shared between two souls, making sweet nothing a silent symphony of love, promising a lifetime of cherished memories and unspoken affection.

one-of-a-kind rings are made in size 6. please email us with your desired size. resize turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. 

please note that this is a limited edition and one-of-a-kind piece. there is only one of each ring; once it is sold it will no longer be available. one-of-a-kind pieces are final sale. no refunds, returns or exchange.

gold is a precious but soft metal. to keep your ring in its best shape for many years to come, follow our guide to fine jewelry care.